Big News breaks down Biden's blitz
Big News breaks down the latest on Biden's Build Back Better proposal, Georgia's voter suppression law, the big boat in the Suez Canal, and more with host of PBS's "Firing Line", Margaret Hoover
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Clip air date 3/29/2021

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  • KaritKtana

    This show is brilliant, savage, and needs way more people watching 🔥🔥🔥

  • Zebulon Glenn
    Zebulon Glenn

    Oh my wow! If a natural disaster comes AND the police can't keep his neighborhood safe HE has an AR......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you're boy wanted to try nukes. What's you AR gonna do? Dweeb🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tanner Roberts
    Tanner Roberts


  • Sam Freedman
    Sam Freedman

    How to pay for it? The richest country in the world let's it's richest not pay much in taxes. I make 12 bucks an hour and got hours because I do a good job. I went up a tax bracket. We got less back than we hoped. I think my formerly Buddhist mom is building a guillotine. You get the picture? It does not end well for the rich when the poor get sad.

  • Daniella Fernando
    Daniella Fernando

    Ummm why are you giving Hoover a platform

  • Check Mate
    Check Mate


  • Anthony Gladden
    Anthony Gladden


  • YarrBr0

    "People don't give Jim Crow laws enough credit for inspiring the Civil Rights movement." 😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Angelica A
    Angelica A

    No one is trying to take away handguns, funny how they always pivot there

  • Angelica A
    Angelica A

    "Not quite as draconian". So you admit it's draconian?

  • Henrietta Raphael
    Henrietta Raphael

    I keep wondering why black people can't obtain an ID. Surely they can apply for whatever ID is needed? No?

  • james eaton
    james eaton

    Joe doesn't have a clue..he could assign to Kamal but she passed

  • The Denskan
    The Denskan

    "People don't give Jim Crow laws enough credit for inspiring the civil rights movement."That is suprisingly savage.

  • Eric Velez
    Eric Velez

    Typical Dems a “minuscule” tax increase lol we have the money why. If you were responsible with the trillions we give you already you can pay for it but it’s ok, the tax payer is the selfish one not the terrible people in power

  • Tach

    1:29 Quote of the week.

  • Gramps

    Able-Bodied Supremacy still reigns supreme in the Tooning Out the News broadcast manifesto. Why share laughs with the deaf and hard of hearing? Who cares if the handicapped miss the satire? Not being whole enough makes them unworthy of sharing the humor all able-bodied people can enjoy...sounds awfully like supremacist talk...don't you think? Enable the captions.

  • J J
    J J

    If voter ID isn’t free, it’s a poll tax.

  • Wolfgang Mclain
    Wolfgang Mclain

    Poll workers can pass out water, like they didn't have enough to do... Not draconian? Georgia Republicans won't be happy until polling places are limited to one pollworker who has to set up the booths, supervise voting, count all the votes by the end of the night, be their own poll watcher, and pass out water.

  • Richard Arriaga
    Richard Arriaga

    If Graham is like Sen Cruz, the marauders can just wait for him to freeze before they approach his house. Cruz's guns didn't keep him warm when Texas froze.

  • 69acobb

    The right to bare arms was so we could protect ourselves from the government, people like Lindsey Graham, after England took all the guns and gunpowder so they could tax the good people to death and take all the tobacco to England. Not to protect your dumb butt from good people raiding your mansion, once they finally wise up to how corrupt you and your wife are.

  • Darren Pearn
    Darren Pearn

    I can't use the stairs

  • David s.
    David s.

    Man this news are like colbert old show.

  • Joshua Browning
    Joshua Browning

    4:50 it’s actually not two skinny legs that touch the ocean floor, it’s just two very tall and skinny giants who carry the ship above their heads as they walk along.

  • alexandre guillard
    alexandre guillard

    These are awesome

  • JLF

    I would be OK with the law requiring ID to vote if the government provided IDs for free. Otherwise, you are essentially requiring people to pay a fee to vote.

  • Nicky Noo
    Nicky Noo

    Is that lahren's mother?? How to pay for it.... TAX THE RICH. It's not rocket science. How to pay for anything? Tax the rich. As much as the ones on the poverty line.... and ban rebates for these who haven't paid tax on their billions.

  • Charles Canzater
    Charles Canzater

    Sell a few over seas military bases and stop F ing with other countries !

  • Literally

    One knows something will be pretty good if it is less popular in views than something one knows will be pretty basic and more easy to attack (albeit still mindlessly), like those intro segments or cold starts, or whatever one wants to call them.

  • SomethingNew

    Her makeup is trash. Risky to use a leaky mascara to do your cutcrease for you, and this is how it turns out.

  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore

    But rich people don't use infrastructure why make them pay it?... I mean roads and bridges?... The people just use their private jets....

  • susan sellars
    susan sellars

    Now people know where to get a gun, Just go to his house!

  • Ray T.
    Ray T.


  • Paul Routh
    Paul Routh

    The 'moderate Democratic wing of the Republican Party'; funny and depressing at the same time.

  • Paul Airola
    Paul Airola

    The real reason Democrats want HR1 is to cheat! Their stupid lying policies fake polls, voting is the only thing where they want no ID so illegals can vote like they do in California

  • Thee Don
    Thee Don

    I think the new mentality from privileged white folks who do all this virtue-signaling is fake asf. Getting called a racist worse to them than actually being one if we gon be honest.

  • zorganzolla

    the fuck is this

  • Saraza

    Probably completely democratic picture of a plantation. How did they not see it.....OH. They're white.

  • Jon Jacoby
    Jon Jacoby

    stupid indignation... the right to be wrong and upset with every one else for your own blatant stupidity. It's your right to call others intolerant of you illegal treason which is not protected speech under the first amendment just as the second amendment doesn't privilege you to dress and arm your self as a navy seal on a mission in any civil context. The "regulated militia" is the County Sheriff so who else is interpreting constitution otherwise is a fraud.

  • watchwinder

    Didn't Isaac Kappy call this guy out?

  • Me Off
    Me Off

    Ugh, it's just poorly written bill. No biggie.

  • ProtMythic

    the swiss have more guns per capita than usa.. damn Jimmy thought you knew better

  • K Mick
    K Mick

    Yes to HR1

  • Sailor DaiGurren
    Sailor DaiGurren

    Man, the politician on this video is just as much of a garbage person as everyone in the GQP.

  • Jf H
    Jf H

    How to pay for it? With money? Where to get the money? IDK but ive heard Jeff Bezos made 70 billions last year. Elon Musk 140 billions. Just in one year. Nah, Im kidding, let do away with social security and books for blind kids. Capitalism really is the best system.

  • Minerva Lynch
    Minerva Lynch

    Can someone clue me in as to why people don’t have identification? I’m not trying to be an ass or anything, I genuinely don’t know. Is it a money issue? How do people cope day to day without a government issued ID?

  • Rob Perry
    Rob Perry

    Biden and Colbert should sleep together. They're both over the hill and progressive disciples who do what the muppet masters tell them.

  • Stephen Suddick
    Stephen Suddick

    Lindsey, there WAS a natural disaster in South Carolina. It was your reelection.

  • Historiche Gesellschaft_DSP
    Historiche Gesellschaft_DSP

    If a natural disaster happened near Lindsey Graham, he'd be relocating himself so freakin' fast

  • Dave Holgado
    Dave Holgado

    Margaret Hoover makes no f**king sense. Her smarmy attempt to defend the Georgia law is ignorant of both history and legal precedent.

  • Mani H
    Mani H

    Holy shit I thought the lady was acting like one of the usual types of ppl you find on the right side cause the whole thing seemed like an ironic news cast. She was fully serious...

  • randomdoodification

    Wait, you mean boats DON''T have long skinny legs?! i am shook

  • Aria Cross
    Aria Cross

    Wheres stephen

  • Nick D
    Nick D

    Plz Joe, make it sustainable (without petroleum) so future generations may enjoy life at all! Cuz what we're facing is climate chaos. Nothing stabilizes climate like forests, so plz reforest. Then do that with a FJG & you'll win for sure.

  • hank rosenfeld
    hank rosenfeld

    Captions please. Late Show has them, so why not here?

  • Darren Pearn
    Darren Pearn

    Blah blah blah nonsense

  • Lucius1958

    So, "marauding hordes of penniless freak-beasts"... Does that mean the Furry Apocalypse will soon be on us?😹

  • SuperPowderpig

    In Canada, you need to be registered to vote and then show government ID when you vote. You can register at the voting station too but you still have to show ID. What is wrong with America when a piece of identification is too difficult to obtain. How do you buy alcohol or guns or go to the hospital or have a bank account etc. Get it together people.

    • SuperPowderpig

      @JLF it's your civic responsibility to vote. If you can't organize a piece of identification then maybe you're not going to vote anyways. A 66% voter turnout is all we ever get. Our system is far from perfect too.

    • SuperPowderpig

      @JLF you can get free identification for both your social security number or your health care number.

    • JLF

      Some people don't do any of those things. Do you have to pay for your government ID?

  • Some1 Udont Know
    Some1 Udont Know

    WTF is wrong with her face

  • Gregory Pankow
    Gregory Pankow

    "Moderate" Democrats. Like there is some sort of spectrum? Are there "Conservative" Democrats? Give me a break. Democrats, Republicans, they all put kids in cages, bail out banks, and give tax breaks to the rich. It isn't a two party system. It's just a two headed snake.

  • Doris Hruska
    Doris Hruska

    Thanks for the creativity and humor! Truly talented crew!

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    Why are they giving air time to these dumb people?

  • Mesamkiv

    Graham and his ilk with a AR-15 = pyro with access to matches and accelerants😳

  • Associates & GIvens
    Associates & GIvens

    Here Comes TOTN! All I can say about Lindsey and his AR-15 is he might be lying about that to make people think he is a real macho man! “. . . Bezos had to hold his own d*ck to take a piss!” Nice one. Rosalind couldn’t do that for him? Thanks TOTN Team!

  • EmperorPilaf04

    Holy shit this lady is a train wreck 🤣

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist

    So the GOP in Georgia is very quick to insist that voters, standing in line at polling places must _not_ be allowed to be given water, but are _just_ as quick to insist on the right to bear arms? Does this mean that GOP candidates are not likely to object to dehydrated voters (of _any_ ethnic group) in line at polling places, prominently displaying firearms?

    • Fauler Perfektionist
      Fauler Perfektionist

      @81986978 Now that's a very good question.

    • 81986978

      You maaaaaay be on to something... 🤔 Instead of handing out water bottles, hand out squirt guns! Republicans can't object to that, can they?

    • 81986978

      🤔 Would a water gun count as water or a weapon?

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist

    I mean, on the _one_ hand, we want good infrastructure, and that costs money, and the way the Government gets money is through taxes. But on the _other,_ it's not like we live in a country that still raises taxes on people who have _money,_ so... 🤷

  • Shannon Jacobs
    Shannon Jacobs

    Nothing can be fixed without fixing the filibuster first. How about 55% population-based cloture? Turns out the Democrats already represent 55% of the voters. Presto chango, no more filibusters. #BlockTheBlockheads

  • davenalford74

    Its already paid for.....all they have to do is redirect the money from the exploded and bloated defense budget. What else could 800 billion do

  • minj4ever

    Get real. If the shit hits the fan he will be chilling on some island his constituents und their ar15s be damned. Stop the BS virtue signaling

  • Johnny Freedom
    Johnny Freedom

    If a natural disaster were to hit South Carolina as a sitting US senator shouldn't Lindsey Graham the organizing help for his state?! No, I guess not. While his neighbors are organizing to distribute the help that will surely be coming to that state Lindsay will be mowing down random people in his neighborhood for fear that they might join a gang someday. Actually that video tells me he is the one person in that state that should not have any dangerous weapons or sharp objects! Because he is surely insane

  • AZOffRoadster

    Ask her about voter roll purges, and be sure to have Greg Palast on to 'discuss' it with her.

  • Michelle Gonzalez
    Michelle Gonzalez

    LOL! Thank you

  • Matthew Vollrath
    Matthew Vollrath

    While I agree with everything they're saying, I feel like this is just obnoxious...

  • MusicYT

    Yikes at Hoover's take on the new voting restriction laws. Any workarounds that voters were able to achieve in the 2020 election have been further restricted by the new draconian set. Hoover doesn't feel as though new ID laws aren't a form of poll tax? How does she feel about requiring notaries to sign off on mail in votes as well (see Arizona's stupid laws going into effect soon)? Restricting the number of polling sites to ensure voting in person takes 12+ hours in horrid environmental conditions? Further restricting the number of valid drop off locations for mail in voting, dismantling the Post Office's ability to deal with bulk vote surges and making in-person voting (and substantial longer lines) the new normal? The more hoops you force voters to jump through, the fewer and fewer who will have the time and resources to do so. Each and every one of these restrictions and conditions should be considered an undemocractic imposition put into place by a minority party trying to maintain their foothold on power.

  • Earthlings United
    Earthlings United

    Few ISnets’s pack as many concepts and jokes per minute!

  • CJ Browne
    CJ Browne

    What the fuck is this?!

  • Connor Lancaster
    Connor Lancaster

    Hey who wants to turn to Christ and live for Jesus and obey him ? This life is temporary compared to all eternity in hell. Jesus loved you to die for you and this isn’t a religion it’s a relationship. You need read the Bible it’s very important it has all the answers you need. Now you may say but I’m a good person or God loves me and if you believe in God then your good but I bet you didn’t know that not even forgiving others is enough to send you to hell Jesus is very serious about sin. No sin is worth going to hell for I would turn to Christ if I were you Jesus is coming soon and he’s coming back with no mercy. But the good news is that he’s happy to forgive you of your sins and wants to talk and he wants to have a relationship with you and be your Heavenly Father you can spend a beautiful life in heaven forever repent or perish you can’t continue to live in sin.y

  • SaltRiver Pirate
    SaltRiver Pirate

    Every person claiming the bill does not make handing out water is a liar. "No person shall solicit votes in any manner or by any means or method, nor shall any person distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, offer to give, or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink, to an elector,"

  • ManDudeYeah

    Legalize weed and pay for all the cool stuff we need in this country.

  • Thomas Spencer
    Thomas Spencer

    "My house will be the last one that the gang will come to because I can defend myself". When in reality the bad guys will have guns too and will probably focus on the other guys with guns first. The guy flashing his assault rifle is the FIRST person that a mass shooter will kill. He really thinks that if there is a disaster big enough to take out the police that he would still have his gun?

    • 81986978

      A "natural disaster". So I guess they'll all be like T***p trying to shoot weapons into a hurricane.

  • G D
    G D

    "we are the natural disaster gang - we gang bang during and after natrual disasters." Lindsey Graham, you're one strange fascist.

  • MC Viegas
    MC Viegas

    Lindsey Graham can you lead the way in arms distribution self sacrifice for your fellow countryman.

  • Bargdaffy 158
    Bargdaffy 158

    I wonder how we pay for Margare'ts extensive plastic surgery?

  • Bargdaffy 158
    Bargdaffy 158

    Margaret, 0:30 Please catch up! There is no such thing as National Debt in a fiat based currency economy, especially when petrodollars are the global standard currency. The Fed can and does print money at will and lend it out at Zero pct interest. The National Debt is a myth told to the populace to make them believe they live in a world of constant scarcity. Additionally that which is called the National Debt is merely one side of a Ledger, the other side is the US Economy, and any Debit on the National Debt side is a Credit on the US Economy side. If the National Debt was $1T in 1980 and now is $27T and before CoVid we had the Greatest Economy ever, that is incongruent reasoning if you propose that the National Debt is actually a problem.

  • russell zauner
    russell zauner

    Holy crap, wild gangs are ravaging South Carolina? Man, I'm glad I live in Portland Oregon.

  • Spencer Amyntosophia!
    Spencer Amyntosophia!

    I just want you to stop for just one moment and appreciate that there are 19 types of water ice. I didn't even know water ice had subkinds!

  • Jack Warren
    Jack Warren

    Good freakin god she is unreal gorgeous, who is this woman??

  • Lauren Doe
    Lauren Doe

    "Tax and spend" is a hell of a lot better than "print money and spend." That said, BOTH are a lot better than not addressing important issues.

  • Helen Patterson
    Helen Patterson

    Time for Democrats to get portable copy machines and go door to door to make copies of ID s for the folks who choose to use mail in ballots. Damn Republican thugs will stop at nothing to inconvenience the poor voters who might be intelligent enough to vote for their own self interest and survival over voting for the guys empowering the wealthy corporations who are against health care and wages enough to make decent life affordable.

  • I k
    I k

    What is that fake face woman? Anything genuine in her? Smile? Words? Just lies?

  • LoganRexus

    “The Moderate Democratic wing of the Republican Party.”

  • ScytheNoire

    Margaret Hoover is disgusting.

  • Nevertoleave

    With Lindsey’s accent for a second there I thought he said I own a New York 15. And I’m like, the fuck is a New York 15??

  • rdecredico

    This would be so much better if it had some funny in it.

  • ursaltydog

    "You didn't see a diminishment of voters because of the voter laws".... yeah.. but you saw people who were pissed off and having to wait in line for up to 11 fuckin' hours... whereas in other districts with more white voters, they didn't stand in line.. The legislation IS meant to disenfranchise black voters who will have to wait out in the inclement weather without food or water..

  • SoulJah Roch
    SoulJah Roch

    Hey Barbie, Pay for it by getting out of all of these God damned endless, senseless, wars. 🤔✌

  • Kit

    I mean, we only have history to look back on to prove that taxing the wealthy class works. Since Reagan cut taxes on the wealthy in the 80s the country has gone to absolute shite--for everyone but the wealthy. But they still have to drive the same roads and bridges and use the same airports as the rest of us and yet they think they shouldn't be taxed their fair share? Nah. Raise the marginal tax rate back up to 91%! Undo the disastrous Reaganomics. I want the wealthy to suffer some loss to their lavish lifestyles for once in my lifetime so that the rest of us can enjoy a share of what our tax dollars could and should pay for (universal healthcare, free college, new infrastructure, etc).

  • AlexYounger

    I like that privileged white blonde saying it’s not so bad for black people trying to vote. That’ll just have to try a lot harder now. Blonde much?

  • Rebekka D.
    Rebekka D.

    What would we do without all those silly southern politicians that want to reinstate Jim Crow laws? They keep us on our feet and on the streets.

  • Profyt

    i love stephen colbert but like.. i rly am not feeling this tooning out with the news stuff