Rambo responds to Lindsey Graham's AR-15 fantasy
When Lindsey Graham justifies his ownership of an AR-15 to defend himself against gangs during a "natural disaster," Rambo steps in to set the record straight.
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Clip air date 3/30/2021
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  • Judah Christ
    Judah Christ

    IRAN+CHINA+RUSSIA=FOE HIDDEN...🇮🇷+🇨🇳+🇷🇺=FOE HIDDEN...🐒💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👎

  • Judah Christ
    Judah Christ


  • Peter Brough
    Peter Brough

    Lindsay plans to stay in his house while the rest of his neighborhood burns? I know that helping your neighbors beat back the hordes IS kind of socialist - but it would produce a better result, Lindsay.

  • djtomoy

    Not a great justification for a gun from a senator implying your state is on the brink of anarchy 😂

  • Gerry James Edwards
    Gerry James Edwards

    If anybody tries to steal Li'l Ole Lindsey's original Barbie Stable Set, or his signed Shirley Temple dresses, they've got a whole can of organic whoop-ass a-waitin'.

  • Doing the right thing
    Doing the right thing

    I used to live next door to this fool. 1 he’s never there. 2 the cops are right down the street, always. 3 fort Jackson is a 10 min drive. Yes, he lives in one of the safest areas of the country to live. I can’t imagine him in front of his house defending the neighborhood with his “at-15”. I can imagine him running to the fort for protection. If by some chance he was home during some anti gun uprising. Zero percent chance of that happening. More fear mongering from a fake politician who spends more time trying to get on TV and less time governing.

  • Steve Nelson
    Steve Nelson

    Thankfully the roving gang will be armed with nothing but Uno cards, so Graham can shoot 'em dead, no way would a gang of criminals use guns to further their criminal pursuits.

  • Ian

    We would like to think that during a Natural or Man made disaster we will act right. The truth is not everybody does. Look at New York when the power went out, the L.A. Riots. How about hurricane Katrina.

  • Michael Ramon
    Michael Ramon

    As a reminder, the first Rambo movie is literally an anti-violence film about excessive use of force by police and America's general failure to take care of PTSD-affected veterans (as well as the homeless).

  • reliablebow


  • Surfhead

    An AR-15 is the answer for every natural disaster? I was thinking backup generator.

  • Nicholas Maude
    Nicholas Maude

    If there was a disaster and a "Gang" turned up at Lapdog Lindsey's house he'd be cowering in his closet with his AR-15.

  • Jeffery

    Lindsey and an ar15, lol Gangs beware!!!

  • David Shue
    David Shue

    I'm sure he lives in a high security gated community... I bet if the UPS guy is too dark they call the police.

  • Christopher Edge
    Christopher Edge

    Never count on Lindsey for anything but screwing things up!

  • Maggie Canuck
    Maggie Canuck

    What a POS!!

  • Oc reed
    Oc reed

    he's capping for his favorite donors the NRA, Im telling right now if Obama said anything like this GQP & foxnews would have hour specials about it..

  • Hans Bjorkman
    Hans Bjorkman

    Miss Lindsey Graham, it’s a illusion you will get manly by having a gun or two, you will still be the no.1 Nancy boy at the capitol.

  • PigMonkey

    Your house is made almost completely of wood. A rifle will not protect you when your house is burning.

  • Grimread

    I'm a geriatric and unhinged politician with AR-15 assault weapons. And there's your problem, ole US of A.

  • John Poole
    John Poole

    Lindsay, you’re despicable. But, if there’s a natural disaster in SC, I’ll have better things to do than come after you.

  • Nicole Bogda
    Nicole Bogda

    Seriously, am I the ONLY ONE who doesn’t see this guy for who/what he really is?? This guy is faker than a $3 bill on any given holiday a big box store is open & he’s just waiting for his new interior designer to show up because he hates his last kitchen remodel. COME ON! He couldn’t hold a tiny pistol w/o a wince & a high shriek. Eerrrgh! This guy makes me want to break glass. He just does/says whatever pays the most. There is a special place in hell for ppl like him. Argh.

  • rooz

    Hell yes, our Miss Lindsey is a very brave lunatic!!

  • SaveClimate NOW!
    SaveClimate NOW!

    Sounds like Lindsey thinks he’s in a purge movie

  • Simon Tay
    Simon Tay

    I bet he don't just have an assault rifle, he may have enough for an militia to "defend" his home....now more than ever. Probably a doomsday escape bunker & everything....included...maybe a tunnel all the way to the sewage to escape a full assault. Oh wait...that probably is a movie...not reality.

  • Nizam Selim
    Nizam Selim

    This loud- mouthed lunatic must be shut out.

  • Curtis Thomas
    Curtis Thomas

    After Lindsay heard that soldiers in Desert Storm were putting condoms on the muzzles of their M-16's he went and bought a sh*tload of condoms to put on the muzzle of his AR, but for a different reason.

  • Curtis Thomas
    Curtis Thomas

    Lindsay Graham as a bada$s?? When he flashes his "gsng sign" it's most likely a limp wrist 🤣😅😂😅🤣😅😂😅🤣😅

  • Curtis Thomas
    Curtis Thomas

    I'm picturing Lindsay Graham in his pink shorts, pink tank top, pink bunny slippers and a pink feather boa around his neck standing on his landing cradling an AR-15 screaming in falsetto "Sssssay helllloooo to mah liddle fweind". Don't know if I should laugh or if I'll have nightmares later.

  • Alberto E
    Alberto E

    Wasn't he the one crying on national television begging for campaign donations and now he is the tough guy?

  • Janice Thompson
    Janice Thompson

    How can the MIDDLE class be so scared of the plan for the infrastructure bill that would help the MIDDLE class and the economy and mitch mcconnell is going to fight against a bill that would help people who need jobs, the SKUNK is going to try to stop this thing from happening because it doesn't give all the money from going to the rich corporations give me a break!!

  • David McCoy
    David McCoy

    Ladies with guns

  • Mike Gendron
    Mike Gendron

    Has a lot of faith in his fellow Americans if he thinks he is going to need assault rifles to kill his neighbors. Such is the environment that the Republican party under the dictatorship of Trump has created.

  • danceswithcritters

    Is he expecting a zombie apocalypse ?

  • Chee Nou Lo
    Chee Nou Lo

    Ayyyy yooo ayyy yoooo

  • William W
    William W

    Whoever voted for lindsey (If anyone actually did) there is something wrong with their brain.

  • ncooty

    The GOP seems hell-bent on bringing about any dystopia that might justify their various fantasies and psychoses. "I need a gun to protect myself from the hell I'm creating!"

  • michellejean11

    Lindsey bootlicker Graham defending his house with am AR 15, OMG that's too funny.

  • Hotshotter3000

    I suggest listening to Behind the Bastards. They had an episode on why the rich and powerful cannot be trusted. They mention Elite Panic, the idea that everyone will devolve in a bunch of savages the moment something goes wrong, when in reality, time and time again people help each other in times of need.

  • bladerj

    the animation department is getting better, this is adult swin good

  • Colin Maharaj
    Colin Maharaj

    Certain places I know of, gangs just wants to know who own the guns. Then they maybe 10 of em, will go out to that place, get some practice terrorising a guy and his family who owns the gun, and the gang will get the gun eventually. An important acquisition seeing a gang member just cant go and purchase a gun. Now they will have more muscle for more crime.

  • Frank Deassis
    Frank Deassis

    Lady G isn't gay.

  • AMINA 123
    AMINA 123

    Bury me

  • delevilme

    I was expecting him to come in shooting, well played Rambo, well played.

  • Da Honey
    Da Honey

    Why do I get the impression he couldn't take his gun apart and reassemble it if his life counted on it.


    Yeah, let's take their guns away. We want a N. Korean utopia right here in the USA, because we don't like to be free.

  • jjww30

    Oh yea, well my house has a CIWS. Your move, senator.

  • Michael DeVoue
    Michael DeVoue

    I can't help but think that 2nd amendment zealots may possibly think it's their last resort to an societal uprise as a result of slavery because, lets face it.... if they didn't have guns in the first place, POC would have probably whooped their asses at the drop of a hat to begin with.

  • Nick Polachi
    Nick Polachi

    The idea that Lindsey Graham thinks he can fight off a bunch of looters is so laughable I really wish that South Carolina gets hit with a massive disaster just so we can see how it works out. Honestly watching Lindsey Graham suffer is worth a lot of Carnage to me. He's one of the most spineless fucking losers I've ever seen in my life

  • Andres D
    Andres D

    No a gang would not be scared of Lindsey Graham even if he had nuclear weapons.🤣 Who is he kidding.

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    What a shack of bull shit Lindsay well be hiding under the bed or some places

  • J.C. U later
    J.C. U later

    Do we really think MS Lindsey knows what he's doing with a rifle...🤦🏾 Oh my heavens that gunshot was as loud as the dickens... 😂😂😂

  • Jay Seaborg
    Jay Seaborg

    Is he planning on shooting a tornado? He said he had his AR-15 to protect himself during a natural disaster.

  • James Gambrell
    James Gambrell


  • Old man from OC
    Old man from OC

    There's a disaster in your neighborhood Lindsey, it's you foo!

  • Geoffrey Lyons
    Geoffrey Lyons

    Hahaha what a drip!

  • I'M HERE
    I'M HERE

    Which gang? "The gang of 8" or "the squad"?

  • Generic Human Being
    Generic Human Being

    Look at the tough lady G.

  • Sergeant Schlumpf
    Sergeant Schlumpf

    a “gang attack” isn’t a natural disaster

  • Iain L
    Iain L

    So this "gang" that you imagine. is it a bunch of white guys? Or maybe....

  • valar

    These AR-15 fantasies of men spraying bullets onto dozens of 'home invaders' is just too lol

  • flushable trump
    flushable trump

    If Sen. Graham resides at the twin tower on 911 his first priority is to grab an AR and make sure no one walks into his place to take the short cut to safety. He'll direct people to the open window encourage them to jump to safety.

  • Pacific Son
    Pacific Son


  • David Murray
    David Murray

    Does Lindsey have one of those pink AR-15's? A manly man like Lindsey can make pink work.

  • lwolf1952

    It's hard to hold a big gun with a mint julep in one hand and a parasol in the other.

  • Tosh Omni
    Tosh Omni

    The gang? Is that what we are calling all Black people now?

  • James Turner
    James Turner

    Sooooo firearms are a privilege intended to intimidate.

  • Kyle Sanders
    Kyle Sanders

    You are responsible for your own safety 100% of the time, in any scenario, under any condition. Over-fund the police, defund the police, refund the police, it makes no difference because they can't prevent violent crime from happening as they are solely a reactionary force.

  • Chung Vaiphei
    Chung Vaiphei

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  • james chan
    james chan

    Look, if my neighbor kicked my ass, I'd get an AR-15 too.......

  • J K
    J K

    I can see little Lindsey shooting his whole family as he is lifted off the ground by the force of his uncontrolled shots.

  • Gary Flythe
    Gary Flythe

    Lindsay has watched too many Charles Bronson movies I guess he'll be deathwish 7

  • hodaka1000

    Didn't Lindsey play the pig in Green Acres ?

  • Jefferson Martin
    Jefferson Martin

    Lindsey was an Air Force Reserve desk jockey who can't even lay claim to serving in the same unit as Donald Trump in Vietnam.

  • Terry Boot
    Terry Boot

    How does a gun protect you from a natural disaster? Maybe like nuking the hurricane?

  • terryq5150

    Lindsey can handle my ar 2 ×'s 7 and a half twice. 😎

  • A C
    A C

    As a Canadian who also owns guns... You people are fucked in the head. Like not even slightly engaged with reality. My proof? Well mass murder incidents are like 1 in the last 2 years in Canada... How many last week? Or today?

  • R.E. Tired
    R.E. Tired

    Yea Lindsey, stand on your lawn protecting your house with your AR-15, while a sniper picks you off at 1000 yds.

  • Oliver Seitz
    Oliver Seitz

    Why just an AR-15? Why not bombs, missiles, tanks? Stupidity at its best. Self defense? No, earning money, that's the cause.

  • Artemis Steele
    Artemis Steele

    Rambo seems like a pretty chill dude.

  • Thomas

    Can we please get a video of Lindsey trying to shoot an AR-15

  • Craig Adam
    Craig Adam

    Sounds to me He will be the ones robbing his neighbourhood when he runs out of supplies

  • Samuel Frutiger
    Samuel Frutiger

    That Graham is even more stupid than I thought........Just shut up and retire, get lost

  • Kings2006rm

    Next time don’t call 911 call this idiot see what happens

  • Paul Reed
    Paul Reed

    Sounds like he on meds

  • Lilia Brunswick
    Lilia Brunswick

    Lindsey Graham is Bambi with his ar15.

  • Marcus Antonius
    Marcus Antonius

    On Jan 06 he failed defending our house.

  • David Guelette
    David Guelette

    So lady G is going all tough guy . I'm betting he doesn't know which end of an AR15 to point.

  • Dream0Asylum

    This is exactly the fantasy gun-nuts envision; "Guns make you safe." Our national cemeteries are absolutely overflowing with occupants - the vast majority of whom were armed and shooting when they died. Guns give you the ability to shoot back, but that's not an equal proposition to safety. And that "shoot back" part is important; when you're the defender - you're not likely to be taking the first shots but receiving them. I don't really have a horse in the "gun ban" debate; but I certainly am for firearms education and safety training for anybody wishing to own one. I can assure you Lindsey Graham's training amounted to browsing the Dick's catalog and going "this one'll look great with a nice pair of loafers."

  • Pumathews P
    Pumathews P

    Is Stephen Colbert on vacation? I see these clips of cartoons. I miss you Colbert

  • philip hicks
    philip hicks

    If the first thing you think of in a national disaster is shooting up your neighbourhood, the neighbourhood would like you to move please.

  • Maaike R
    Maaike R

    Lindsey's actions these last couple of years proved he has no spine nor ethics. He is simply kissing the a$$ of those in charge. With this video he is trying to manipulate people into thinking he is tough to improve his image and probably because the trumpists haven't forgiven him yet and he is scared. That ship has sealed. Besides tough people don't make videos trying to convince people they are tough. Only weak wimpy guys make "please don't attack my house, I will defend myself" videos. 🙄🤣😂🤣😂

  • Sam Rushing
    Sam Rushing

    Comparing Lindsey Graham to another wannabe is ridiculous. They are both pathetic. How many young men joined the military after watching a Rambo movie? These small dick wannabes make me sick. Sylvester and John Wayne had an opportunity to serve, but choose to sit the war out and make "make-believer" war movies to inspire our youth to serve. Trouble is war is real and movie aren't. They all can take a hike. Peace, Just Sam

  • John Sarlo
    John Sarlo

    Lindsey can protect himself when the parents find out why he is asking about their young boys

  • ha222ha222

    Narcissism, Inc. If there's a natural disaster in Lindsay's neighborhood, it's every man (woman and child) for themself. You've been warned.

  • D B
    D B

    This cracks me up! I am thankful for Stephen Colbert. His show helps me cope with the madness around me.

  • Terry Fulds
    Terry Fulds

    Lol lindsay thinks she's tough...

  • IHSE Foundation Pty Ltd None Profit
    IHSE Foundation Pty Ltd None Profit

    Graham go to jail / you lie to the USA public

  • Just The Truth
    Just The Truth

    If his boyfriend is equally armed then he really will be safe from all sides.

  • Grouper Gary
    Grouper Gary

    If the police can't protect you what makes you think you got more firepower than the police with your little AR-15