"This Is Not Going Away" - Ronan Farrow On How Conspiracies Fueled An Insurrection
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author, Ronan Farrow, talks about his extensive coverage of the January 6th insurrection and how conservative media has played a large part in radicalizing American citizens. #Colbert #TheNewYorker #RonanFarrow
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  • Jennifer Cuddy
    Jennifer Cuddy

    The US is still as unstable as it was then and getting worse because nobody is being held to account.

  • Home At Last
    Home At Last

    At least the Mr. Goodwrench commercial was funny.

  • Home At Last
    Home At Last

    Ronan, what did your investigation into Jesse Morgan's claims of election fraud reveal?

  • Home At Last
    Home At Last

    Why are liberals so prissy about facts? Ronan, was it a fact that Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation? Or was it solely fact only for as long as CNN maintained that it was fact? Even though Mueller explicitly states on page 5 of the Executive Summary of his report that he found no evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign coordinated or collaborated with Russia to influence the 2016 election, is it still a fact when CNN continues to maintain that Trump did so?

  • Home At Last
    Home At Last

    Ronan, did you speak with John Sullivan and his brother?

  • Home At Last
    Home At Last

    Frank Sinatra in long hair.

  • Home At Last
    Home At Last

    Love the overtly social distancing-obedient, soy boy band at the beginning.

  • bzzi

    Ronan missed the point on the “shape of his skull”. This is Nazi shit. They did that to justify their “superiority”. Aryans have always tried to find physical justification to be racists.

  • Patty J. Ayers
    Patty J. Ayers

    WHAT kind of filter does Ronan use? It’s so obvious

    • J. Gaulke
      J. Gaulke

      The rainbow farts of a unicorn.

  • Ron James
    Ron James

    Man, is Ronan Farrow smart as hell! Nothing is sexier than someone who uses their brain! And he uses his for good. Way to go Ronan.

  • Diane Young
    Diane Young

    Stay safe Ronan. Thank you for your journalist integrity.

  • Joanne Picone
    Joanne Picone

    Love this young and intelligent young man !!!! Ronan Farrow ❤

  • Christine Mikhail
    Christine Mikhail

    Ronan farrow is so pretty

  • sparklygato

    I always like the Stephen/Ronan interviews. It's refreshing to hear and learn from an intelligent conversation. There isn't enough of that these days.

  • Bubber Cakes
    Bubber Cakes

    He might look like Sinatra but thankfully he is Mia’s son!

    • J. Gaulke
      J. Gaulke

      She must gave been drinking bad when he was conceived and carried: his face is way unsymetrical and his unibrowbone looks like he was dropped on it: looks strangely calcified. He probably has smelly pores too.

  • Sethflix


  • ThePinkBinks

    I keep thinking this guy is in a boy band... 😂

  • Kathy Jeanmarie
    Kathy Jeanmarie

    I'm curious what your thoughts are on CNN admitted propoganda?Video online.Frankly propogandists dont sit well in free country.

  • Bob schwartz
    Bob schwartz

    Ronan Farrow Is an Icon In the making.

  • 1313sp

    Well, one good thing about him having grown up in the public eye is there is very little dirt left to uncover about his private and family life. And that creep who threatened to eat the face of Ronan's family member, I hope they choose Woody Allen.

  • Betty O'Hearn
    Betty O'Hearn

    Ronan Farrow is a credit to his mother. He is the real deal. Honest, ethical, patriot, and authentic. Mr Farrow is a fine journalist.

  • Joyce Duncan
    Joyce Duncan

    We need to stop repeating the lies that people believe about January 6th. they don't believe them! they are lying/gaslighting us. to believe such nonsense means that they are delusional.

  • Mary Ellen McGarry
    Mary Ellen McGarry

    Whoa. Stay awake people. Great interview SC. Continued great reporting RF! Continue to stay safe.

  • Shelley Jennings
    Shelley Jennings

    A “gentleman” by definition, does not commit violence or threaten. Let’s stop referencing violent men as “gentlemen”. It’s not logical!

  • Kkidzz

    Ohhhhhh.......damn pesky Mossad.

  • Laurie Marshall
    Laurie Marshall

    Hard to believe that poll. Always a great job by RF.


    Ronan Farrow = Hero Journalism!

  • Lisa Giuliano
    Lisa Giuliano

    Gorgeous face! Perfect features! Damn!

  • Christine T
    Christine T

    You know this country is in deep when you've got people threatening to eat your skull. Yes, they've always been here, but society was smart enough not to condone their behavior. They stayed underground. Now, due to Trump, Tucker Carlson and far-right social media channels, they feel emboldened. Many people in this country are sick emotionally and mentally. To make it worse, they're not going to die off anytime soon. Baby Boomers didn't storm the capital. They were Gen-X-ers and Millenials. These folks are going to be around for a long time. Sad because we need generational change ASAP.

  • Ann E
    Ann E

    I admire Ronan Farrow so much. We are fortunate to have this moral, ethical and intelligent journalist to turn to.

  • Nicola Ablett
    Nicola Ablett

    "great law enforcement" Radicalisation in your own back yard and still not managing it Maybe also in UK

  • sideshow bob roberts
    sideshow bob roberts

    while corporate media continues to xcel at ignoring journalism in favor o' mindless opinion pieces masquerading as 'news' aimed at ever shorter-attention span audiences, it's refreshing to know that actual journalism hasn't gone completely the way o' the dodo. Ronan is one o' a small handful o' intrepid reporters who still believe that the truth matters...

  • y1521t21b5

    Is _Farrow_ undergoing a sex change?

  • guypaul

    Ronan Farrow is an important public servant, he's courageous, he's compassionate, he's smart, and . . . oh my gosh he is handsome.

  • Michelle Adams
    Michelle Adams

    'artificial' celeb? (comuputerized?)

  • erin smith
    erin smith

    Okay.. Ronan.. yes he is stunningly beautiful. That is correct. Yes he is well spoken and tremendously brilliant. His ability to call out the extreme on the right, and the extreme on the left shows that people like him might be needed to bring actual unity to America. Let us not call out the violence that was birthed at the Capitol as if it was the only terrible violence we saw this year.. we have witnessed much violence this year, and the Capitol was one of many events that have shown us how broke our country truly is. I love how Ronan even redirected Stephen from his portrayal of the insurrection participants as the scariest people on earth, when in fact Ronan is aware how untrue that is. The insurrectionists were in fact violent and unreasonable people, but Ronan knows that portraying these people as the worst in the world is unfair and doesn’t do justice to the violence seen worldwide. The reason people were violent during BLM protests and the insurrection this summer is a result of extreme forms of left and right leadership.. people are responding with hatred and passion to a movement they have been told is important! No matter what, these responses have been the result of angry people told they need to use violence to find a solution, or even get what you want. I believe left and right media/government is to blame for the brainwashing and hatred that has been planted in the heads of Americans. This will not end well if we all continue to believe the left/right news that highlights why we should hate and despise the other side. We should also remember that there were hundreds of thousands of people.. if not millions.. who protested this summer. Just a small portion of them were violent and extreme. The Capitol protest had 3 million people attend, and about 500 people actually turned to violence and stormed the Capitol. It’s silly for people to hate each other over a small group of fools who did terrible and violent things. Donald trump called the left violent anarchist communists- that’s not true about the majority on the left. Nancy Pelosi called the right domestic terrorists and fascists - that’s not true for the majority on the right. We are all being told to hate each other, and many have committed themselves to this undying hatred and the division keeps politicians in power. Ronan... your work that is unbiased is what is needed! Misinformation and lies have been fed to the left/right media, and real journalists (not left/right activists) and who truly care ONLY about facts is what is needed! Also, Ronan, you really do look like your dad.. Frank. Cheers!

  • Amy Lumbard
    Amy Lumbard

    Ronan farrow the way he speaks is straight to the point doesn't use words in his sentences that are unnecessary he also doesn't back down which I like he brings the truth out to people which I respect. Just going off topic I wonder if that's a real bookcase behind him or wallpaper or a filter of some sort because I notice most people have a back screen shot of a bookcase because it makes them look intelligent (which Ronan clearly doesn't need to do he is worthy of Being known as intelligectual ) hope I spelt that right lol.

  • Rita Matthews
    Rita Matthews

    That's "Ole Blue Eyes" son for real.

  • Elaine Lucia
    Elaine Lucia

    My God he’s a beautiful human being inside and out. I’m mesmerized by those wide open, blue blue eyes.

  • D Shepherd
    D Shepherd

    In NY, it’s so legal I’m smoking a fat bowl while enjoying this excellent conversation, with my windows wide open, “Jack” 😎

  • Kim Cremer
    Kim Cremer

    How is he not Sinatra’s kid?!

  • Sherry Hesner
    Sherry Hesner

    Expose & punish toxic people who commit assault. 🐍

  • msjadeli

    Thank you, Ronan, for what you do. Thank you, Stephen, for having Ronan on the show.

  • HiSomebody TrackingMuch?
    HiSomebody TrackingMuch?

    Oh Ronan, you missed the biggest rabbit hole of all: ISnets.

  • Lori Stewart
    Lori Stewart

    He is so damn fine.

  • Adanma Onyedike Barton
    Adanma Onyedike Barton

    Ronan Farrow Sinatra is an American Treasure! May all the children of our country be encouraged to speak out on what is important!

  • diane9247

    One of the smartest people in America. Stay safe, Mr. Farrow.

  • Honey BloomGarden
    Honey BloomGarden

    Just ask marjorie

  • Liora Farkovitz
    Liora Farkovitz

    HBOMax chronicled the evolution of QAnon which used stories like yours, mine, other incest survivors in and arround "Hollywood" to leverage espionage.

  • Farrah Upson
    Farrah Upson

    So Trumpers are putting Foppington's Law into action. Not even a little bit surprising.

  • Bis Edwards
    Bis Edwards

    Remands me of his lovely-looking mother, Mia. What an amazing career he is building as an investigative journalist.

  • Elizabeth McCready
    Elizabeth McCready

    You know things are bad when Colbert looks genuinely concerned for your safety. I hope Ronan is as calm as he looked because I would be losing it with that much crazy coming after me. He's a legend and a very needed voice in journalism.

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan

    Haha yea you got a good chance of getting gun downed in Pakistan vs being gun downed in the USA. I'll take my chance in Pakistan

  • Judi Roth
    Judi Roth

    Integrity, intelligence, brilliance, charm and beauty - keep on Ronan, we need and love you. Stay safe❤️🌈👏⭐️

  • Shanya Ruhela
    Shanya Ruhela


  • Janell Evans
    Janell Evans

    It's an ongoing legacy. Remember Mike Rather?

  • Daphne G
    Daphne G

    He is cute

  • becky selfridge
    becky selfridge

    is it just me? or is Ronan absolutely gorgeous?

  • K McG
    K McG

    Such an important specialty area for Ronan Farrow to report on. He has learned how to be effective. Stay safe! We need you!

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell


  • John Campbell
    John Campbell


  • John Campbell
    John Campbell

    This guy has never been punched in his life...

  • Mike B
    Mike B

    The overjoyed streetcar neurochemically screw because leaf ontogenetically consider of a striped impulse. youthful, broad rake

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell


  • Kimberly Young
    Kimberly Young

    There's no way in Hell that Woody Allen is his father! Nope!

  • Jeri evans
    Jeri evans

    Stop messing with your face Ronan. It’s close to looking weird now.

  • Jeri evans
    Jeri evans

    Ok frank sinatra junior.

  • Andrew Boyce
    Andrew Boyce

    This guy could be a male model. With brains

  • Michelle Jester
    Michelle Jester

    Oh, one more thing: I say he 100% looks like Sinatra. He's got the nose, eyes and chin!! And the voice. He's not Woody's son. And even Woody knows it.

  • Michelle Jester
    Michelle Jester

    Unwittingly radicalized Americans-honestly, I can't think of anything scarier!! And no one can break through to them-it is IMPOSSIBLE to get them to see the truth-they believe they've all figured "it" out. Bunch of COVIDIOTS

  • OC

    He looks exactly like his Dad, Frank Sinatra.

  • Caelidh Goode
    Caelidh Goode

    It is just crazy that the Trumpsters still believe that the riots were a "leftist plot'.... when they themselves OPENLY and actively and cheerfully went on social media as they were storming the capital!!!!.. That TRUMP was telling them to march on the Capital.. on and on and on.. They are just delusional.

  • Myxomatosis

    Brilliant, remarkable and untrustworthy.

  • garth barnes
    garth barnes

    I don't trust this dude for a second

  • J O
    J O

    Yeah, Republicans choose to be blind to their ugly people. Otherwise, they would have to look in the mirror and see hypocrites and monsters staring at them.

  • Ken Spitz
    Ken Spitz

    We need more journals like this who are willing to fully investigate all stories.

  • Candy Schattmann
    Candy Schattmann

    The sick jet conformably remove because archaeology potentially note apropos a rude farm. maddening, deranged hemp

  • CC

    Impressive book shelves, as is he. American giant, we owe a lot to Ronan Farrow. Too close to these problems to see as yet, merry-go-round has to stop. Ronan, and Jane Myer, these are hero journalists for the history books.

  • melissa saint
    melissa saint

    7:42 Stephen perfectly expressing my feelings right there

  • Roxanne R
    Roxanne R


  • Carolyn & Colin Hogarth
    Carolyn & Colin Hogarth

    Stephen did I get deplatformed and didn't know about it or did something happen with Truth in our countries and homelands...What the heck happened? I see all kinds of things going on that are mind boggling...Even Wuhan being denied as the place where this virus was released is not happening on youtube. Is there something going on that I am unaware of? Dr. Li Wenliang did indeed warn us of the Wuhan leak, and Dr. Montagnier did indeed say it was man made, and also Dr. Li Meng Yan did say she did an investigation and these are all virologists, and yet they are being denied as if they lied...What the hell is there another big cover up too going on? or the same one, or what the heck is happening...And boy I am telling you we are in one crazy world...I write about these things and yet it is as if people cannot even hear what it is I am writing....Just because I am not into BLM, doesn't mean I am a liar. Holy Christopher....I am going to go to the Catholic Church if someone doesn't come clean about this Science screw up with this virus...Lieber, Harvard, and all of those people were in kahuts with China...Why will people not believe me? Stephen something is terribly wrong as I sit here writing you....I am serious...Carolyn from Canada

    • michael donnan
      michael donnan

      People don't believe you because most reputable experts disagree with your theories and conclusions. You named some doctors who agree with you. Why do you trust those doctors when the vast majority of doctors disagree with them?

  • Bluebirds

    Gorgeous, brilliant, kind, talented, hard-working, articulate, humble. Amazing guy.

  • Gigi Sasz
    Gigi Sasz

    Sorry.. hopefully 60% law and order!! Watch your back!! Don’t be naive.

  • skyval

    Why are people still believing that Trump won the election when his lawyer has admitted she lied about the election fraud ?

  • Funk DeMann
    Funk DeMann

    He's definitely Franks son, no doubt.

  • novak1928

    My, what an incredibly beautiful, smart, talented person. Perfect.

  • Carryl Kingston
    Carryl Kingston

    Trump is at War with the USA, and media is his weapon. ☮ #airtimeisprecious

  • Julia Phillips
    Julia Phillips

    Definition of Ronin " a wandering Samurai with no Lord or Master" this man embodies courage and independence.

  • Belfastish

    The current conspiracies aren’t going away because they are being fostered and promoted as part of foreign attacks to weaken and divide America.

  • Adrianne Spring
    Adrianne Spring

    When is full study of Mia's family background & life going to be done? Long overdue!!

  • Megan Bui
    Megan Bui

    I truly admired Ronan, he's brilliant, he's brave and he has so much class, he's soooo Sinatra but he doesn't give a damn about them, he only cares that he's his mother's son. He works hard for everything he's. Bravo Ronan, I'm a fan!!

  • Lili Asch
    Lili Asch

    Incapable de l'écouter, sa beauté me tétanise.

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days

    Do we need to chip in for a safe room and security for him? I'm in. Kudos Ronan.

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days

    I haven't watched but two late night variety shows since mid January I think. Prior to our presidential election I watched 5. It was getting way too political and trashy. I watched this because Ronan Farrow was a guest. He's interesting. No offense Stephen, it's just my views on so many things were so opposite of the Trump policies and his dirty mouth that we need to leave it alone for a while. So I could sleep well.

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller

    Feliz Navidad en Abril esteeeeeeeeven 🇪🇸

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller


  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller

    Timmy carr

  • Tabo Beeran
    Tabo Beeran

    Those Sinatra genes are a cocktail of raw brilliance and good looks.

  • Kathryn McGee
    Kathryn McGee

    Is anyone else distracted by Ronin Farrow and his beautiful face?

  • Kayla Brown
    Kayla Brown

    What did he do to his face ?