"Repeal The Authorization For Use Of Military Force" - Sen. Duckworth On Iraq & Afghanistan
Senator Tammy Duckworth talks about why she decided to become a helicopter pilot and shares her perspective on America's military responsibilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her new memoir, "Every Day Is A Gift," is available now. #Colbert #SenatorDuckworth #TammyDuckworth
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  • Jens Müller
    Jens Müller

    "... Bobko Haram, they are bad guys and we need to address them" - No, You don't. That is the excuse used for invading other nations all over the planet. You can help the nations address their own problem. Invading them to atack is NOT helping them but murdering innocents abroad to militarily control the planet. That was HITLER'S strategy. You saying You need to do it is prepetuating the war crimes committed by the US for centuries.

  • Megan

    what a woman!

  • Howard S
    Howard S

    Wow. Great American. Very impressive.

  • Agnes Kim
    Agnes Kim

    If the main skill required to fly a helicopter is multitasking, no wonder she scored off the chart on a test that until then, had been taken only by men.

  • YouTube Moderator
    YouTube Moderator

    Why do the cartels need to rape every child they traffic? Does Tammy have an answer for that or is it because USA is racist and doesn't understand Latino culture?

  • momcatwoo


  • Mike Gallo
    Mike Gallo

    Senator Duckworth is an Illinois treasure. We are lucky to have a war hero to represent us. True American 100%.

  • Moon Nugget
    Moon Nugget

    ✊🏾😺 I respect Sen. D SO much; she’s SO bas ass!

  • robin orona
    robin orona

    senator badass. what an awesome american.

  • scott fisher
    scott fisher

    Graham Norton puts American talk shows to shame. The reason is simple. He is funnier and doesn't dwell on politics like this guy and the rest of the clones on American TV. Wake up Hollywood we are sick to death of politics.

    • Margs

      Then go watch the Kardashians, Ellen, or Dr Phill. If you don't like a comedic spin on politics unsubscribe. More importantly, though, Sen Duckworth isn't just a political figure but an Army veteran that lost her legs in combat fighting for this country. As an Army aviation wounded veteran myself, I proudly say PISS OFF.

  • Heide Leskun
    Heide Leskun

    She is a true roll model for women who want to serve in the military

  • DrownedInExile

    Wow. She's like Wonder Woman meets Captain America!

  • Suzanne Berry
    Suzanne Berry

    The insult of people who never served sending military personnel into an infinite war, curdles my soul.

  • Short satire
    Short satire

    Illinois has voted well for years...Durbin and Duckworth are representing the state so well. I’m glad the nation is noticing Duckworth for the awesome human she is.

  • Eugenia Gallagher
    Eugenia Gallagher

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  • Helen Horn
    Helen Horn

    💫🅿️®️ℹ️🆅🅰️🆃🅴 🅽🆄🅳🅴💫 𝙏𝙖𝙥𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚 :☞ hotlove.monster/8491ittlelovesxxx !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候.#.#

  • John Green
    John Green

    She’s a badass

  • Darren Robichaud
    Darren Robichaud

    I respect that woman! Equal pay for equal risk

  • RL Hilliard
    RL Hilliard

    Thank goodness she is a part of us today....this vet salutes you Sen Duckworth!

  • D Bone
    D Bone

    Quack, quack, quack, Mr. Ducksworth.

    • D Bone
      D Bone

      @jon mendelson Someone had to do it, I'm surprised it wasn't already done.

    • jon mendelson
      jon mendelson

      Thanks, was looking for this comment.

  • Paul Routh
    Paul Routh

    That was funny. C130's roll down a strip but it made me smile; I like her a lot. More veterans like her would be a welcome addition to our government.

  • Paul Campbell
    Paul Campbell

    Senator Tammy Duckworth is great. Very good interview. Thank you!

  • coreyinprogress

    God damn she is such a badass.

  • babybro70

    She is so pretty

  • Atlas Apollo
    Atlas Apollo

    Speaking of military force. Look who’s out of touch with the barracks and infantry.

  • Shawna T
    Shawna T

    Can't wait for her to run for PRESIDENT....! Please run Duckworth I'll vote for you 🙏

  • Dorian Kastrati
    Dorian Kastrati

    These comedians are so cocky, would it kill him to laugh at her jokes

  • Max Farris
    Max Farris

    Wow Stephen Colbert looks even more evil when he takes off the pink wig and the mask.... Sick fuck.

  • Ryan Friedman
    Ryan Friedman

    I’m proud to call her my Senator (and former Representative).

  • Jim Henning
    Jim Henning

    Good to see you Tammy. Congrats on the Senate seat!

  • Chee Nou Lo
    Chee Nou Lo

    This is a woman.

  • Bill Milosz
    Bill Milosz

    Nothing this woman has done was easy. It's an an American right to disagree with her, but how DARE anyone disrespect her!

  • Baba Ayman
    Baba Ayman

    This lady seems like a bad ass

  • Eduardo Tenorio
    Eduardo Tenorio

    She's a beast! Love that she's in the Senate

  • H Mac
    H Mac

    Oh those poor capitol police who gassed and attacked innocent people last summer? They’re “hurting” now?

  • H Mac
    H Mac

    Hopefully Tammy doesn’t keep voting against war budget cuts like she did during the pandemic.

  • Fernanda Burgos
    Fernanda Burgos

    Jesus Christ, this woman is amazing!!

  • Quite Quiet
    Quite Quiet

    A Solid Soldier right there.

  • Parlez64

    I saw several documentaries of Tammy in Rehabilitation at Walter Reed, after her helicopter was downed. Senator Duckworth is a fantastic woman.


    "Cadet Bone Spurs". Her name for Trump. That is such a perfect verbal kick in the nuts; the woman could be a drill sergeant. (Highest compliment an Army guy can give as far as I'm concerned.)

  • Shawn

    Damn she’s amazing

  • Tidbit

    I hate to bring it up but, the President is the only one should have the power to authorize the use of force. Congress has proven that they are so focused on local politics they cant see nor understand the global threats to America. Case in point, they let 500,000 Syrian civilians die because they didn't want to fight in another war, and they care only for American lives. They couldn't see the big picture, and they placed no value on the lives of Syrians because of Racism and Islamophobia. Given the effect this had on western democracy in Europe and around the world and in regards to Russian power, this was a bad decision. And that is why it MUST be up to the President and NOT Congress.

  • MonkeyJedi99

    Tammy Duckworth and Katie Porter. That's a ticket I would vote for. The only question is would the whiteboard titan take the top job or not.

  • Polly Tiks
    Polly Tiks

    Thank you Senator Duckworth for your balanced perspective on US involvement.

  • U.S Military Technology
    U.S Military Technology

    steady 👍👍👍👍

  • BoogiePete Photography
    BoogiePete Photography

    Why are republicans all for armed US forces in other countries to help fight for democracy and help build infrastructure across the globe, but they are against helping immigrants by allowing them into our country...?

  • Gary Chubs
    Gary Chubs

    Ummmm....America has literally been war-mongering nation of gun-hungry criminals for decades and decades. Let's not try to pretend like they won't always get off on guns and gun violence. Whether imposing their national doctrine by violent occupation, or by shooting each other within their borders, they just love using firearms to kill! They LITERALLY have more guns than people in the U.S.! Does that make sense to anyone else in the Western world!? Like...some people just HAVE to dual-wield in order protect themselves...😒 Is America a big John Woo movie!?! Like Jesus! Hahaha. The difference now is, when they go to war to install their pretentious brand of corrupted democracy upon a foreign populace, it will be coming from a country of hypocritical insurrectionists. 🤭😎

  • snakesandsticks

    derp- she flipped the script there. men and women get equal pay in the military, but don't have equal risk of loss of life and limb? heresy!

    • Margs

      *didn't. In her time in, and mine, jobs like aviation or wheeled vehicle operator were among the only jobs where we would regularly be "outside the wire". Now all jobs are open to women, so they can choose combat jobs if they want.

  • Robin Hahn
    Robin Hahn

    She's one of the very, very best.

  • Jan Willem v.d. Gronden
    Jan Willem v.d. Gronden

    How difficult is it to have a conversation instead of a slow fire round of questions?! I know he is capable of such an interview, and the senator is sharing some impressive responses that beg to be heard and acknowledged but all he does is skip to the next question. Stephen Colbert, you can do better, really! We all love you, including your guests and they all want to have that conversation with you! You often even can read it from their faces, just like during this interview. Fuck the clock and the agreed upon subjects. Linger more on one rather than skip to the next like a rookie... really. Give us more of the gold. PRETTY PLEASE with a cherry on top... Besides it just kills my anticipating nature to be let down so often in one interview! But because you actually can have actual conversations with your guests, my hope time and again wins from my better judgement and is subsequently being strangled by that defeating disappointment... ok maybe that was too strong, but not too far off either!!

  • mm12345777

    My goodness, what a badass woman! ♀️💜

  • jjohnston94

    I never thought I would hear anybody say Tammy Duckworth was shot down (it was always sanitized as "she came under enemy fire and crashed"), but it was Tammy Duckworth herself who said it.

  • zizinnnn

    what a gem of a person

  • alonzo calvillo
    alonzo calvillo

    As a purple heart Nam veteran , you are my hero!

    • R. M. MacFru
      R. M. MacFru

      Thank you for your service, sir.

  • Talkies

    That’s my Senator! 👏 We are so thankful for her.

  • Kimi Butz
    Kimi Butz

    What a Kick-Ass Woman! She's an inspiration! :)

  • Karen Janusch
    Karen Janusch

    Orange door = student driver 💘 senator Duckworth A very prominent AAIP

  • Cef Grima
    Cef Grima

    I'd vote for here for president.

  • Nack Jicholson
    Nack Jicholson

    "Racism isn't dead, it's on life support- being kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people that get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as racist. " - Thomas Sowell

  • Sherry Ellesson
    Sherry Ellesson

    So refreshing to hear someone on the Hill talk about how they're not doing their jobs and need to dig in and work harder.

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K

    I love this woman! We need more people like her in politics.

  • BanG

    Love me some Tami Duckworth. Ty for all you do. An American hero and badass.

  • Rich Sackett
    Rich Sackett

    I used to date a Native woman who looks and sounds exactly like Sen. Duckworth. It's genuinely weird to see her on late night TV.

  • Michael Lynn
    Michael Lynn

    Such an impressive Asian American patriot who also has humility and a sense of humor... thank you for all that you do and have done! Thanks for bringing her on the your show. I love your political jokes!

  • Passionately Ambivalent
    Passionately Ambivalent

    3:24-3:42 There's no way I could multi-task like that while flying a helicopter. Talking to four parties and reading a map and not getting lost...? And she didn't mention possible combat conditions... Anyone else here tell the passengers in a car to be silent with way less going on?

  • John Gray Atkinson
    John Gray Atkinson

    I have nothing but great respect for Sen. Duckworth, and feel she would be a great leader for our country

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H

    unlike the corrupt politicians we got Senator Tammy is a hero and will make a difference sitting in senate to serve the American people. Thanks for your service senator 🙏

  • Etta Eskridge
    Etta Eskridge

    "multitasking". Every mom knows women are way better at this! LOL. She sounds amazing!!

  • Norman Frederick
    Norman Frederick

    Fun fact: The cadence that Mr. Colbert mentioned is actually known as the Duckworth chant!

  • Sébastien Chagnon-Jean
    Sébastien Chagnon-Jean

    Do it with the U.N.

  • John Gardner
    John Gardner

    She represents all of my cherished values. She is a gift to the United States, everyday.

  • Diana SUNSHINE Wulf
    Diana SUNSHINE Wulf

    Its not the Government job to keep me "safe"!

    • This Bushnell
      This Bushnell

      Sez you

  • GorillaBear

    Ugh....we're not 'vetrens' is pronounced veteran.....

  • Eastern Healing Arts
    Eastern Healing Arts


  • Lifesabishi

    This woman is a true saiyan warrior.

  • Michael McKeever
    Michael McKeever

    As a fellow aviator, I appreciate she wears her prop and wings as a necklace

    • YouTube Moderator
      YouTube Moderator

      As a citizen in Illinois I would appreciate if she would resign.

  • WIlliam Dusseau
    WIlliam Dusseau

    Don't worry Senator, I was in 4-H state choir and was told I could just mouth the words my singing was so "good."

  • george so___s
    george so___s

    So ,no regrets for "serving" the bush lies and murdering otherwise peaceful civilians? This is the reason USA will never become a real democracy. You like the warmongers and the lies,the torture and the killings. Shameless . Not even a word for the false premise of WMDs and "liberation". And to think that Stephen Colbert built his carrier criticising exactly that. What happened Colbert? The blood money is sweet when it is in your pocket,right?

  • ron j
    ron j

    and to think that Tucker Carlson called her a coward. That one statement alone tells me everything I need to know about that creep.

    • Mr. Davenport
      Mr. Davenport

      I've heard the joke that if somebody calls a combat veteran that's missing limbs a coward it's the job of society to hold the speaker down so the disabled veteran can beat them with whatever they've got left.

    • Top Secret
      Top Secret

      @Bill Casey Fox has such an evil slime coursing through their veins to win out the hearts of people listening to it in their subconscious. It is the definition of brainwashing.

    • ron j
      ron j

      @ISnets Moderator oh and I forgot to mention that according to his lawyer and to the courts that no reasonable person should take this hack job seriously

    • YouTube Moderator
      YouTube Moderator

      Tucker said she is dumb as a rock which is true. Didn't call her a coward.

    • Antonio A.
      Antonio A.

      Repugnitard senators and house members call themselves "patriots" when so few of them have actually served. They rather pose with firearms and pretend to be those though guys when in fact they're just cowards and that's why they need all those guns... pathetic! Kudos to senator Duckworth. A true American patriot and an inspiration for so many!

  • Daves Ontherocks
    Daves Ontherocks

    Congress needs that job back.

  • Tadicuslegion78

    So why don’t you submit a bill already? Getting really tired of all these senators saying we need to do X but won’t actually get off their ass and write bills to vote on.

  • water cake
    water cake

    在 covid-19 爆發前的4個月, 2019年7月,弗吉尼亞州費爾法克斯(Fairfax, VA)發生了未知的病毒爆發,症狀與 covid-19 非常相似。 美軍生物武器研究中心, 馬里蘭州的德里克堡(Fort Detrick)離費爾法克斯(Fairfax)僅41英里。 德里克堡(Fort Detrick)於2019年8月關閉。這是費爾法克斯(Fairfax)病毒爆發:isnets.info/main/hGHavn2ssaHYf80/v-deo.html 和 isnets.info/main/en6Ry6qjw6OxhJY/v-deo.html

  • Mickey’s My Spirit Animal
    Mickey’s My Spirit Animal

    HOOAH! Thank you Senator Duckworth! Your service to our Nation is inspiring and aspirational!🥰🚁🇺🇸

  • Jordan Beasley
    Jordan Beasley


  • Bryan

    The war in Iraq is now so old, if it were a woman, Matt Gaetz wouldn't fuck it.

  • llongone2

    She's 10 times the American that tRump was....no, 100 times the American.

    • william Thomas
      william Thomas

      Is T even American?

  • How to change name?
    How to change name?

    I still remember back when T****** called service member as sucker and loser, despite the fact he dodged Vietnam himself

    • Top Secret
      Top Secret

      @Jon Dough The US formed Al Qaeda through rebel groups in the 80s, not the Taliban. They already existed then in Afghanistan.

    • A King
      A King

      That was EPIC!! 😂

    • Jhon Shephard
      Jhon Shephard

      @Ricky Harvey at the time, they were a symbol of the war. TYT, a network further left than Colbert and MSNBC does call for better treatment of vets but is anti-war to the point that I disagree with some of their stances like pulling troops from Afghanistan without consulting the locals or Pakistan who could have a major problem on their hands if the US leaves without psychologically and morally destroying the Taliban.

    • Ricky Harvey
      Ricky Harvey

      They treated the nam vets like shit when they came home !!! Love not war ill be voting by mail this year

  • me2i81sour2

    Biden has a phot with a picture of his boots on the wall. Duckworth has her boot on the desk. #Boots

  • HereIgoAgain

    Tammy totally rocks! Hard to believe that some of her elected colleagues disrespect her.

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson

      @kindlin Not a mass delusion just people been used and then been unwilling to admit they may have been wrong. Pyramid selling schemes use the same aspect of human psych to work. You sell a story that makes people believe that this is their chance to get ahead in life. Then you try to get them to sell the story on while saying that if others don't get it then it's them not you. There comes a point where sub-consciously you know you were fooled but because so many things in your life have gone badly in the past you don't want to admit to another so you either carry on or disengage completely. Then when those selling you the lie/scam/whatever you want to call it, see they are losing you they then find somebody else to blame. At the same time you paint a rosy picture of the past highlighting all the good points but ignoring the bad so people have something to hark back to (this works especially well with people who are elderly). The mainstream GOP and right wing media say the Democrats are all socialists and communists knowing that the people they are talking to don't have a clue what either are and will unlikely do the research. The far right come up with conspiracy theories to give you a cause to fight for. We have seen it time and time again throughout history and sadly will probably do so again. Promise what you can't deliver but make it as vague as possible then find a minority to blame when it starts to go wrong. It's worth remembering that both the left and the right have done this in the past. Sadly when life gets comfortable the majority in the centre sits back and enjoy the rewards and they don't pay attention that others are undermining the whole system for their own benefit and by the time they do the damage has been done and it takes time to replace it. Sorry for the long reply.

    • kindlin

      @Stephen Hodgson So it's really all just a mass delusion. Great. A quarter of our electorate and half of our electors are crazy.

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson

      @kindlin The GOP have found a tactic that up to now has worked for them in winning elections, so they stick to it. The only problem is that when you keep doing something for a long time it becomes a habit and if you don't try to break a habit it becomes part of who you are and what you do. So yes over time you can become that stupid.

    • kindlin

      @Stephen Hodgson The funniest (saddest?) part is that they don't _actually_ feel that way, at least not most of them; even Taylor is probably just playing a big, multi-year-long act (because, honestly, that many elected officials can't really be _that_ stupid, can they?).

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson

      Why? as soon as Trump turned on McCain the same people who had worked with him for years turned on him and began to disrespect him too. If Eisenhower had still been around and had voiced critism of Trump and the GOP they would have turned on him as well.

  • sanjuansteve

    As long as our system allows our politicians to personally profit from every gun sold and every bomb sold or dropped, mass shootings, terrorism & wars will be inevitable. #getALLmoneyOut #EndCitizensUnited #DEMEXIT #StillSandersPlatform Bring them ALL home! The world should unite to (peacefully) demand the US to close all 1,000+ non US soil military bases and ops in 135+ countries and also demand the end of US international weapons sales and supply, often to both sides of conflicts for blood money profit, as well as demand the US ends their nuclear weapons program too in what would be a giant leap towards world peace (they’ve already threatened to preemptively nuke N Korea, Iran and all hurricanes). We could/should also end world hunger with but a portion of the savings.

  • dstmars1

    Hold on.....that's an entirely different band setup at the end of this clip than at the beginning. Calling you out Stephan for sloppy continuity editing.

    • This Bushnell
      This Bushnell


  • New Message
    New Message

    She's already done more for the country than any of the Rep. higher ups. Hope she runs for President one day.

    • YouTube Moderator
      YouTube Moderator


    • Kenny Hill
      Kenny Hill

      @Ian Chandley Though her mother is Thai-Chinese her father is American, so she is native born by law and thus eligible for the presidency. The point about being born elsewhere is only for those who have no parents who were native born or naturalised Americans when they were born - Ted Cruz is similarly eligible despite being born in Canada.

    • Ian Chandley
      Ian Chandley

      She can’t run for Prez - she was born in Thailand.

    • TheOmegajuice

      Pretty sure she was on Biden's VP shortlist, definitely a likely contender for 2028 (or 2024 if Biden decides not to run for a 2nd term)

  • E D
    E D

    Totally respect her

  • 14beautifulpeople

    Wow! I salute you, Senator Tammy Duckworth! God bless you! 🙏🙏🙏 God bless America! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte

    War is an enterprise in America.

  • Best Fit Square Channel
    Best Fit Square Channel

    Thank you! Carry on young woman!

    • cacritic28

      53 years young!

  • Jowana Bueser
    Jowana Bueser

    And then you hear Republican cosplayers talking about patriotism. They don't hold a candle to Sen. Duckworth.

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson

      @ISnets Moderator you obviously have a problem understanding basic English if you ancestors hadn't have been allowed to immigrate into the US then you wouldn't have been born there. As we have established you aren't native American from you inability to understand history, that means the closed border policy you're in favor of would have meant you couldn't have been born in America because your ancestors would have been kept out. Oh and stop pretending you're a ISnets Moderator it shows just how much you are willing to lie before you even start.

    • YouTube Moderator
      YouTube Moderator

      @Stephen Hodgson I was born here. I have my birth certificate to prove it. Not sure why native born Americans upset you so much. I didn't choose where I was born and I also didn't illegally jump any borders. Why do you have such irrational hate?

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson

      @ISnets Moderator So you're claiming to be a native American then? somehow I don't think so. Or are you claiming Viking descent? If you are claiming the latter then closed borders would have kept them out. If you're claiming the former they arrived 14,000 years before you claim. So either way you are lying. So I'm not grasping at straws just pointing out the reality to you.

    • YouTube Moderator
      YouTube Moderator

      @Stephen Hodgson My ancestors were born here. I'm not sure what happened 1000 years ago I wasn't there. Do you have a point or are you grasping at straws? I don't hold you accountable for the atrocities your ancestors committed. It would be insane to do so.

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson

      @ISnets Moderator just where would you be if when your ancestors arrived in the US if those that were already there had said no open borders go home? The problem the Us has is not most of those that want to go there but some who are already there. The US had huge advantages when the materials that were required for the industrial revolution were in abundance in the US. Then when World War Two was over the US was largely intact while the rest of the world needed to rebuild. Which enabled US companies to thrive as they had huge export markets available. But like some Americans the US got fat and lazy. But the world has changed and many of the materials that are required to make the new products of the world the US has few or none. Other countries have caught up to US technology and in some cases gone past and US export markets have dried up because other countries now make better products with more features that are cheaper. If the US wants to go to an insular culture blaming others for their own failures they are welcome to do so. But the rest of the world will not stop moving forward and the insular mentality of those on the right will only send the US further and further backwards in the world.

  • wpl

    It amazes me that the GOP denigrates Tammy Duckworth and praises you know who, who avoided military service and then called soldiers who died in WW2 or were captured during Vietnam "losers and suckers". We all know who are the real patriots and who aren't.

  • Udaya shetty Shetty
    Udaya shetty Shetty

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  • h7opolo

    she definitely earned her spot in government by serving in the armed forces. requirements of prior service should exist to become senator.

    • Martin Poulter
      Martin Poulter

      @george so___s Imagine not being able to tell the difference between a democratically-elected President and a military junta.

    • h7opolo

      @george so___s oh, sarcasm, the tactic of idiots.

    • george so___s
      george so___s

      Sure,all self respecting dictatorships /sorry i mean "democracies" are famously run by military men(and some women).....

    • Martin Poulter
      Martin Poulter

      The US made a big mistake when it elected to the Presidency someone with no history of public service, neither in government nor the military; someone who mocked Gold Star families. And yet the people who worship that guy and mock Senator Duckworth call themselves patriots.