Matt Gaetz's Sea Captain Attorney tries to shut him up
While Matt Gaetz says increasingly incriminating things to Tucker Carlson, his attorney desperately tries to get him to stop talking.
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Clip air date 4/1/2021

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  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones

    Matt Gaetz legal problems shine a light on the Republican Party and just watch them scurry like cockroaches LMAO

  • ebattleon

    Tucker getting hit by anchor, now that would be worth watching Fox for.

  • Kimberly Bogert
    Kimberly Bogert

    the child thing made me kinda uncomfty tho..😓But the rest was funny tho.😂

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    كلمة الحق

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  • Delbane Ren
    Delbane Ren

    Seth Meyers has a legit lawsuit brewing here...

  • Mark Heimweh
    Mark Heimweh

    Beavis, Butthead and Dickbrain

  • David Shue
    David Shue

    Those two remind me of evil starsky and hutch but instead of a red and white torino it's an unmarked panel van..

  • Kristin Bradshaw
    Kristin Bradshaw

    I need a sea shanty.

  • Mr. lolol
    Mr. lolol


  • WiredGaming

    lmfao !!!

  • James Lavoie
    James Lavoie

    Typical trump Republican

  • CRK Productions
    CRK Productions

    An idiot talking to an idiot.

  • E. S.
    E. S.

    Wow. Comedy sucks now.

  • D Parks
    D Parks

    Lolita on the DVD player

  • JJ Deadhead
    JJ Deadhead

    Well maybe Q got the underling criminal action right; just the wrong party?

  • Jose Mondragon
    Jose Mondragon

    "Nestor's on the boat" 😂😂😂

  • casimiro diaz
    casimiro diaz

    It's incredible how there has never been a joke about a laptop in this show, or about events in the border.

  • Jake Baker
    Jake Baker

    I hear you....

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    How do you determine if you are winning an argument against a leftist nutjob? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . They call you a racist, homophobic or sexist.

  • BAtkinson

    Ehhh whatever.

  • A. J. Rivera
    A. J. Rivera

    Is anyone at all surprised by this?

  • blue kitty
    blue kitty

    Apparently matty gatze had a picture of a naked girl with a hula hoop on his phone, twisted f**k!

  • Jackie Lewis
    Jackie Lewis

    You need to be locked up messing with the minors 🗝️🗝️🗝️🗝️

  • PDorD

    You can read all about Gaetz at under Bevis and Butthead lineage.

  • Chief Wiggum
    Chief Wiggum

    Tucker Carlson's standard expression actually works very well here

  • Juan Ortega
    Juan Ortega

    Gaetz looks lije ace ventura 😂

  • Gosia Bryn
    Gosia Bryn

    It sucks that parts of the show are not uploaded to YT anymore, it was my morning coffee routine :/

  • Your Boy
    Your Boy

    Guys, not a republican but just saying.. Biden is a good representation of America. Dying. Old. Dementia. Stumbling. Eventually going to fall dead. I hope you guys are happy. I thought 4 years of Trump was bad.

  • john satterlee
    john satterlee

  • grant thomas
    grant thomas

    Y’all are idiots. All the Pedo’s are on your team.

  • Justice For All
    Justice For All

    He can't hear you captain. His head is way too far up his ass.

  • Ste ik
    Ste ik

    And here children, we get to see Tucker Carlson try to evil stare beam some basic awareness through the camera straight to Matt Gaetz brain. Yes, its the same face as always , that's because of botox.

  • Anthony Walsh
    Anthony Walsh

    i don't know who's more disgusting, matt gaetz or holier than thou tucker carlson.

  • Nirotix

    Matt Gaetz doesn't seem to have had ANY children of his own. I wonder if he would act like he has if he had a little girl to raise? What a pos.

  • The Darkest Empath
    The Darkest Empath

    If you're a pce of sh**, you might be Republican presidential nominee. Boe legged guy-

  • Pronto

    So an apparent slimeball turns out to be a felonious slimeball (allegedly). Shocker.

  • Clarence Lee
    Clarence Lee

    If all this is true, then Matty Gaetz is in very big trouble! Maybe Sidney Powell can represent him. She could misdirect the blame on Chavez? Rudy could be his co-council and Fayboy Trump can put a good word in for him? Ya, Ya, that's the ticket! Ya!

  • Al gee
    Al gee

    Matt Headroom

  • sugarcookiecube

    the republicans are on the wrong side of EVERYTHING!!!

  • Mark Sims
    Mark Sims

    Aww. The Florida Panhandle’s biggest open secret. This dude just cannot keep his mouth shut.


    👍👍👍👍well he is not the smartest any way🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • kbwoods

    I didn't realized that Matt has a pointy evil witch chin. Just an observation.

  • OrontesRM

    He managed to throw Carlson under the bus TWICE in 3 minutes

  • OrontesRM

    nonono let him talk...

  • Something Dark
    Something Dark

    Tucker’s face never changes lmfao

  • emsaadeh

    Literally talks out of the side of his mouth

  • Chris Moon
    Chris Moon

    Too Funny!

  • J WAR
    J WAR

    The DOJ is now and has been for some time a political arm of the communist Democratic Party, full speed ahead with a hit list on conservative opponents like Gaetz whilst china joe and his boy skate untouched, china Joe’s boy “allegedly” payed for hookers, smoked crack, bought guns after a dishonorable discharge (same as a felony conviction) lied about it and lied about drug use on a federal document, junior and the “big guy” took china & Ukrainian bribes, a laptop with incriminating info and nothing is ever going to come of it, thanks for nothing crooked DOJ, “ AMERICA LAST” is your new oath and mantra

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying

    He is now "qualified" to be GOP pres nominee.

  • George Clowney
    George Clowney

    Thanks Matt i did not know that Tucker did those things. How come I am not surprised.

  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly

    He talks freely because he knows it is lies he is innocent.However his accusers will say anything and are encouraged by once respected but now proven to be trashy news outlets.Who ever said that all the republicans are loyal many are RINO's Republicans in Name Only.Lawyers are privy to the immorality of lawyers for money too so yes he wants him to shut up..Universities are turning out too many lawyers .

  • Dram Chaser
    Dram Chaser

    Why does Tucker Carlson always look like he is just lost in transaction?

  • arul tabitha
    arul tabitha

    See how successfully they have covered the Border crisis, and Cumo' investigation into the nursing death scandal by bringing in Matt Gatez private life into such focus. Why was his name brought in at this time

  • Mike Direen
    Mike Direen

    If you're gonna steal a bit from Seth Meyers, could you at least pick a funny one?

  • Lena Lives
    Lena Lives

    This is funny stuff. The 'toons, not the child sex trafficking.

  • PhilLesh69

    Wait. Republicans keep trying to tell me I'm wrong and they're right because Jesus makes them morally superior, anytime we disagree. So this whole time it was all just a big smoke screen to hide their sexual deviant behavior? Oh yeah, that checks out.

  • pat verum
    pat verum

    Describing a 17-year old girl as a "woman' is just as wrong as calling Gaetz a "man"...

  • Chris Reynolds
    Chris Reynolds

    That was fkng awesome!!! I needed that!!

  • Thomas John
    Thomas John

    Hey Stevie a segment on the HILARIOUS Hunter Biden interview with his laptop. Talk about a moron! But you won’t. You are a Hollywood pundit.

  • Line Heuston-Hanley
    Line Heuston-Hanley

    Keep talking Gaetz

  • Tommy Jeon
    Tommy Jeon

    Tucker literally has one facial expression for all of his moods

  • Amanda Rhodes
    Amanda Rhodes

    Why does Tucker's face always look just like this? =:o(

  • oscar carden
    oscar carden

    I hope they make a law and order SVU episode about Matt gates #MattGates

  • J-Dubb

    "Woops" "Ahhh w/e"

  • Hiroko Robertson
    Hiroko Robertson

    Strange political , many are targeted , don’t know any more raked 4, 5 years to cleare , that time allredy allmost destroy , that cancel culture do ! It politically doing look hunter is completely protected by DOJ FBI media , we don’t know what is truth any more !

  • Precise Cleaning
    Precise Cleaning

    Late night talk shows have really collapsed ...

  • Lilly Prince
    Lilly Prince

    Is there a reason we're getting these instead of Colbert himself?

  • Amanda


  • Ryan Wehr
    Ryan Wehr

    omg I'm dying!!!!!!!! lol!!!!! thank you

  • lee Ware
    lee Ware

    It's sad that some people are so filled with hate that the truth doesn't matter. I guess due process doesn't matter so just be the ignorant lynch mob that msm wants you to be. I watched cnn and msnbc and they only mention the 17 yr old at least here I got to hear both sides to the story.


    No good for nothing Wessel

  • Bruce Young
    Bruce Young

    Ah yes, the high road. Wtf has happened to late night talkshows?...... Not a spine between the hosts. Who the f bases an opinion on the words of these clownshoes ? It's entertainment, poorly conceived, but still entertainment, that's it, and that's the only way garbage like this video should carry any weight. Wait till the truth comes out before taking as gospel the premise of a "skit" conceived of by a person whose livelihood does not depend on what's truth, or right or wrong, but in the knee jerk reaction he can use to get a laugh. We'll see if someone is trying to pull a jussy Smollete.......

  • NaoTa MF
    NaoTa MF

    tuckers constipation face is my highlight every time!

  • Darkly Yours
    Darkly Yours

    I demand more sea captain!

  • zencat999


  • Who Cares?
    Who Cares?

    Perfect Poster Boy for your typical Conservative Christian values.

  • Walt Snow
    Walt Snow

    That ''LOOK'' ....that STUPID FUCKING L O O K on Tucker's face .....PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Section 9
    Section 9

    And then when it comes out that he's actually, in fact, trying to be extorted, everyone will, of course - shut up and move on to the next knee jerk.

  • Matt Gaetz on White Ford Bronco
    Matt Gaetz on White Ford Bronco

    *Lolita on the DVD player* 🤣 God that was the only thing Gaetz didn't bring up! 🤣🤣

  • Iam Good
    Iam Good

    Hair test Gaetz for illegal substances! The people demand accountability now!!!

  • Hubert Seidl
    Hubert Seidl

    is that seth meyers sea captain?

  • Marie Slabbert
    Marie Slabbert

    Why does Tucker Carlson always have this expression of idiot on his face?

    • Mikka Linka
      Mikka Linka

      He was born that way

  • LCI Gamer
    LCI Gamer

    HA HA great comedy Steven HA 😐😐

  • LF313

    Fortunately we have our Q Patriots here to defend Matt. They took a break from investigating Democratic child traffickers to defend Matt's honor and good name.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Do you want to find out if your husband/wife/spouse is cheating on you? *Do you want to hack your university/college database to change your grade or do you want to get examination questions before the examination day? *Do you want to root/hack/sync your mobile phones? *Do you want to have unrestricted access to your spouse’s /friends social media ( whatsapp, facebook, twitter, viber, BBM, e-mails? *Do you want to recover deleted messages by your spouse? *Do you want to clear police/criminal records? Contact

  • Jonah Bolduc
    Jonah Bolduc

    Ok now we need a Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert sea captain crossover

  • Abner Seeinyu
    Abner Seeinyu

    When do we find out Jim Jordan was the third muska-scumbag?

  • Steve Knowl
    Steve Knowl

    AND what about Cuomo you hypocrites?!

    • Steve Knowl
      Steve Knowl

      @Daeduluus Not a comeback, a serious, ethical question. Don't you want to know why its only one sided with them?! I'm not political at all, all government is corrupt and broken so why do we need to have the media as well. Unless you just want to remain a sheep and let your handlers decide whats "real" and what they want you to see and believe to brainwash your little minds.

    • Daeduluus

      is deflection you guys only comeback lol

  • Xph Aku
    Xph Aku

    I love how Gaetz implicated Carlson on national TV in a federal crime.

    • Mikka Linka
      Mikka Linka

      Wasn't that GREAT? And his STUPID facial expression DIDN'T CHANGE!

  • D Lee
    D Lee

    Matt Gaetz's attorney - *It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a guilty fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.*

  • Jack backerrack
    Jack backerrack

    I got Lolita on the DVD player

  • Midnight Run
    Midnight Run

    I guess now we know why he was so upset about Dr. Seuss & Mr. Potato Head. His girlfriend threw a tantrum over them!

    • Mikka Linka
      Mikka Linka

      GOOD ONE 👍👍👍

  • 65wiseman

    We only have voters to blame for this crumb.

  • Mack .Doggs
    Mack .Doggs

    the sea captain's voice isn't really funny, it's just annoying. can't Colbert hire a better voice actor?

  • trollface benos oof
    trollface benos oof

    i guess having a jimmy neutron haircut doesnt make you as smart as jimmy

  • Jenifer R.
    Jenifer R.

    Throughout the entire interview Tucker Carlson has the same face: "Resting Stupid". You know you want to punch him, but you also know he doesn't understand what he just did wrong. So you fix his bow-tie and coo: "Well aren't you just precious". Like a puppy that just shit on the carpet.

  • Frank Townsend
    Frank Townsend

    Someone now needs to ask Gaetz if Gov. Cuomo should resign.

  • Robert Aldaron
    Robert Aldaron

    Oh my repugnicans!!! Think of the children!! Won't someone save the children!?!? (every Qanon nutcases' rant.... even they continue to vote for scumbags like this)

  • Christopher Bedford
    Christopher Bedford

    Is there anything that looks stupider than Carlson making "tuckface"?