Big News breaks down Biden's first press conference
Big News breaks down President Biden's first press conference and his statements on infrastructure, immigration, and the filibuster with CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Weijia Jiang.
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Clip air date 3/25/2021

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  • Subri Subrika
    Subri Subrika

    He said before he was only running one term. What a dick

  • Blago Mistra
    Blago Mistra


  • Renae Depuy
    Renae Depuy

    Isn't it cute than Lyndsey thinks his little pew-pew gun is the reason his house would be the last place anyone would go?

  • Ross Parlette
    Ross Parlette

    ... every kitchen table ... ... in Shawn Humanity's mansion.

  • FS

    Strom Thurmans eulogising Joe Biden 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • FS

    Colbert never has the balls to call out the dem establishment like these cartoons do.......Shame cos its needed

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

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  • Michael Marks
    Michael Marks

    Lol the Hannity opening joke was so good.

  • hoss188

  • J B
    J B

    I love your late night show, but this is truly, truly terrible.

  • Michael44

    Moron comedians have no idea South Beach is not, in fact, "Spring Breakers," but "Black Beach Week."Colbert joke: "don’t instate a curfew, just invite a few dads.”

  • DJ C
    DJ C

    Anyone notice the blk and asian wmn have the same hair and suits?

  • hugh jorgan
    hugh jorgan

    Where's Colbert's outrage on the border crisis and kids in cages? What a hypocrite.

  • me2i81sour2


  • adrian readman
    adrian readman

    Up is up to

  • Mr. X Flo
    Mr. X Flo

    Omg, the Archer theme made me loose interest

  • Sherry Hesner
    Sherry Hesner

    One day at a time. 😉


    Thank the (fill in preference) we have cartoon characters like these to tell us what to think, but what we need to get is some MAGATs to tell us where we're going wrong. Watch/Read this with Depeche Mode's "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and cherry cider. It makes so much more sense.

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle

    This new season of Archer is so meta!!!!!!

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Biden fell up stairs and Trump fell down stairs. Potato Patata.

  • bxxx9

    Biden has no idea what's happening lol

  • DestroyEraseImprove ;
    DestroyEraseImprove ;

    Beijing Biden can't even string a sentence together. R.I.P America. I can't believe the election was stolen by these frauds. They controll the media though so the mindless masses will believe any lie they're told if repeated enough times.

  • B Moore
    B Moore

    Wow, this was just horrible..... your writers totally ignored the good joke opportunities that Biden shakily and unsteadily handed to you on a racist and socialist platter and then asked what you he was supposed to do now. Pathetic attempt at comedy. Be funny and the audience will come back.......

  • Kiriu Xeosa
    Kiriu Xeosa

    Holy shit that's a stupid question to ask like really? Who are you gonna run against in the next election? He hasn't even been in office for 3 months and you're already looking for an excuse to bullshit and make imaginary guesses as to who will be president? So stupid

  • Mark Chandler
    Mark Chandler

    Stop giving this stupid fake news a platform. All of these cartoon anchors have the most annoying voices ever wtf

  • Cecilia Lamson
    Cecilia Lamson

    Republicans will stick together if it means screwing us over

  • Richie

    Anyone else think this news cartoon series sucks? The character voices are intolerable.

  • Jelly Whit
    Jelly Whit

    Is it typical that real, non orange President’s already by now declared their intention for being President again?? I never heard of Presidents doing this before Orange #45 did.

  • Shannon Jacobs
    Shannon Jacobs

    Nothing can be fixed without fixing the filibuster first. How about 55% population-based cloture? Turns out the Democrats already represent 55% of the voters. Presto chango, no more filibusters. #BlockTheBlockheads

  • Yo mamma
    Yo mamma

    The Crypt Keeper's press conference was a disaster no matter how you hacks try and spin it.

  • Rare Maleek
    Rare Maleek

    I love it I'm high on porcini mushrooms on a break... Super high

  • Big Disney
    Big Disney

    Morons. The reason republicans didn't vote for the POS bill is because it wasn't about covid. Less than 10% went for covid relief the rest were bailouts for poorly run blue states & democrats wish lists.

  • Ryan Reeder
    Ryan Reeder

    Anyone else find themselves wondering how these guys would fit into ToonTown and the world of Roger Rabbit? Just me? OK then.

    • DJ C
      DJ C


  • Not-even -German
    Not-even -German

    Good idea when TV host get older with wrinkles... Animations.

  • lacebolla

    Waterfalls, Jacuzzi water

  • Mr Shan2K
    Mr Shan2K

    I have no idea what re they saying hahaha

  • chef italy
    chef italy

    Man Colbert has really fallen from being actually funny :,(

  • Cory Bard
    Cory Bard

    We are fucked

  • Allen Beck
    Allen Beck

    You have the dumbest show on tv. What kind of drugs are you doing 😡

    • lacebolla

      their is a drone

  • Craig Miller
    Craig Miller

    "tens of thousands over 18 and single have been sent back". Not true. over 80% are allowed in, this 20% being prevented is a crisis

  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore

    It's such a tough situation.... There's no simple or real right solution to the problem and expecting any administration no matter who it is is not going to do anything quickly that solves the problem.... Or ever really solves it at all.... The only way to stop it is for going to the countries they are leaving and get them to improve so much the people have no reason to leave.... But we can't even take care of our people or get our government to function... So this is gonna be a cluster fuck for generations no matter what you try to do about it... And whats the point of spending so much time and energy on something that is so hard to even make a dent in when you could be focused on issues with real impacts and positive outcomes.... It sucks that the best thing our government can do is back off of the insanely difficult and pressing issues because the only thing it's capable of possibly handling is easier no brainer stuff.... And it even has a ridiculously hard time with even pulling that off... I mean you're a complete idiot if you are expecting anything but the bare basics getting done if even that... And these reporters know it and are just being an ass about it to distract and cause trouble....

  • Bryon Miller
    Bryon Miller

    Politics has damaged comedy. Why is this all attacks on republicans? They don't mention Biden stating he joined the senate 120 years ago, and they can't make fun of the fact that he forgets what he's talking about mid sentence and just gives up? Those are huge missed opportunities right there, if nobody makes fun of that something is wrong with the country because we've always poked fun at our politicians.

    • caesar elias
      caesar elias

      @Bryon Miller that's true. But they did give him a hard time when Biden said, This makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle. I was like, wth? Lol

    • Bryon Miller
      Bryon Miller

      @caesar elias theres a time and a place, that wasnt it and it didnt come off as a joke. If trump did that they would have jumped all over him. That fool said there were airports during the civil war and they made fun of him as they should have. They're treating biden with kids gloves.

    • caesar elias
      caesar elias

      But its not funny when someone is already poking fun at themselves. Biden has joked about how long he's been in government before. Last time he said 50 years ago, then 76. Now it's up to 120. Lol.

  • Kristin Nelson-Patel
    Kristin Nelson-Patel

    “Metamucil Money Daddy” 🤣🤣🤣

  • bruce baker
    bruce baker

    Why is Biden keeping unaccompanied children????? Why is Biden keeping children in cages??????? Why didn't Biden prepare for the changes before he reversed the policies that where in place???? Why is the Border open during the pandemic????? Why does the media protect Democrat stupidity????????????????

  • Delbane Ren
    Delbane Ren

    Nina Turner is going to beat Biden in a landslide.

  • Tracy Jones
    Tracy Jones

    Isn't the never-ending election cycle getting exhausting??? Ffs let us have a vacation from it already.

    • TheLoneGamr

      Well you liberals concentrated on getting Trump out of office. Now us conservative are counting down to getting this idiot out of the White House.

  • Chee Nou Lo
    Chee Nou Lo

    Gandalf the White needs to heal this man right now in fact all of America.

  • Galen Thurber
    Galen Thurber

    Trump AI 2040

  • Eman Egnarts
    Eman Egnarts

    It's not weird Democrats are crazy. These people are fucking them in the brain lol

  • Associates & GIvens
    Associates & GIvens

    Here Comes TOTN! Assessment: James Smartwood is such a knowledgeable and affable journalist (giggles)! Nice to see they understand nepotism and have “Junior” on. Who’s the “sharpest”? Junior! Who’s the “Tool?” Anyone on network or cable news! Who’s the “Sharpest Tool?” I have to think about that! “Next the Metamucil Money-Daddy President. . .!” WOW! The off the cuff adjectives that the TOTN have for Biden are quite amusing! Thanks again TOTN Team!

  • Pablo


  • colaboytje

    Don't work together with criminals.

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law

    Sending back IS HUMANE

    • lacebolla

      ENAMUH SI kcab gnidneS , said my ai overlord

  • MICHAEL vs lucifer
    MICHAEL vs lucifer


  • Baldur Vizla
    Baldur Vizla

    This crap is not needed

  • Wondering IN NY
    Wondering IN NY

    and those that migrated to work in the USA can't seem to exit.

  • jeff cook
    jeff cook


  • anwiycti

    Who is Weijia Jiang?

  • Jerrypooper Nadler
    Jerrypooper Nadler

    You can watch a rerun of Sleepy Joe‘a press conference on AMERICA’S FUNNIEST VIDEOS.

  • Carlos Mendoza
    Carlos Mendoza

    Joe is more funnier to watch than watching Netflix. I was cracking up the whole time. Joe was put in the highest power of office and has absolutely no knowledge what’s going on in this world and as our leader this is pathetic. I can’t wait till his next press conference I’m gonna make sure to have a gathering at my house for the next comedy show 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • blk hemi392
    blk hemi392

    The whole press conference was a huge act. Biden's handler's asked for the questions ahead of time, they picked the ones that they wanted, then wrote down the answers on 3x5 cards, and then he just spewed that shyt out his mouth. Every question was a softball and the whole thing was a shame. They never asked about anything of significant's, like the fireing of white house staffers because of past mariquana usage. As opposed to Kamala Harris admitting to mariquana usage and is still around.

    • Elton Mayo
      Elton Mayo

      like a trump helicopter presser without the air accordian

  • Suzanne Giannini
    Suzanne Giannini

    Seriously, they are talking reelection? President Biden is busy serving our country. Of course this is a cartoon.

  • Sherry Lennon DeWitt
    Sherry Lennon DeWitt

    Hilarious 😂

  • Yvonne Rodriguez
    Yvonne Rodriguez

    Go Biden

  • HW2800

    President Biden is the greatest U.S. President in U.S. history! Greatest world leader ever! Looks very strong and very articulate! Not any actors can do a polished Presidential presentation like President Joesph Biden! We came from a very weak President Trump to a SUPER STRONG President Biden! You can tell the difference instantly! Morally and decent President!😀👍 President will work on the removal of U.S. southern border fence ASAP, snd make it borderless.😀👍👏 Love the impromptu news Presidential news conference. Shows how the White House reporters look up to and respect President Biden as U.S. President!😊

  • Jared Kyle
    Jared Kyle

    The press conference was a train wreck... even Democrats want a refund... Biden was bought at Walmart from 🇨🇳 China... thank god for the 90 day return

    • Jared Kyle
      Jared Kyle

      @Aggressive Attitude Era cheaters never prosper and unfortunately that includes America 🇺🇸

    • Aggressive Attitude Era
      Aggressive Attitude Era

      Trump LOST. Get over it.

  • Pan Darius Kairos
    Pan Darius Kairos

    Millions of people on Social Security - with direct deposit - still haven't been paid.

  • Silvana Neal
    Silvana Neal

    Where in this s***pile is one tiny kernel of truth?

  • Silvana Neal
    Silvana Neal

    Dear God! Why do you even waste your/our time presenting this mess?!

  • Xavier Xavier
    Xavier Xavier

    ➡is it too late to talk about 2032 LOL 😂😜😋👍😹 Biden made them look like fool's... who do they think they talking to 🤔💭 .. Trump ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ LOL

  • Chris Roby
    Chris Roby

    Republicans and Democrats don't want to get along. Fine and the people should just fire them. And their bosses above them.

  • Little Germanicus
    Little Germanicus

    Biden is freakin hilarious and not in a good way.

  • Michael C
    Michael C

    President Biden-please, it’s the GOP elephant in the room. Please just say it, say “ People, please, don’t watch or listen to FOX news and garbage like that. It’s all lies and they’re just trying to make all of you angry. They’re using you, and you’re smarter than that!” Say it Joe, you have 100% Presidential Immunity. And because it’s absolutely true. Say it!

  • Reptilian Overlord
    Reptilian Overlord

    Weija Jiang is a joke of a reporter. Just because she was tough on trump doesn't mean she's not a shill.

  • ScytheNoire

    Republicans never care about bipartisanship until they are not in power. Republican hypocrisy never fails.

  • Leah White
    Leah White

    Peioejoe is lost and is mind has gone bye bye I yelled at the TV when he was asked about GUN CONTROL ‼️Not an answer or wait yeah he answered infrastructure My mind shutdown this is cruel punishment to listen to his ramblings ‼️😡😛🤭😏🤪🙃😑🧐🙄🤔

    • EcchiDragon 80
      EcchiDragon 80


  • Miss Lana Hudson
    Miss Lana Hudson

    Hi guys.. was there a monologue on Thursday episodes 🤔 😳 😕. Its not come up on you tube.

    • Brian Holmes
      Brian Holmes

      Must be getting edited by lawyers, his Easter card with Evie segment came up,...perhaps his heart was for that over his monologue?

  • R W
    R W

    Stop giving airtime to the 2024 election and lets concentrate on, I don't know, running the dam country!

  • Jo Ann May-Anthony
    Jo Ann May-Anthony

    What happened tothe show last night?

  • JustTrollingAlong

    If people would have spent money on infrastructure and not mishandle funds we wouldn't be spending a trillion dollars at one time on it now.

    • John Battle Sr
      John Battle Sr

      @Maria Lambell Maria, I don’t think you really read the comment properly. For the last four years the only money spent on infrastructure was the money uselessly spent on repairing sections of the “wall” at the border. With a couple miles of new wall. Roads, bridges, water, and power improvements didn’t get a dime. Only money spent on any other infrastructure besides the wall was the previous administration to Cheeto Mussolini’s.

    • Maria Lambell
      Maria Lambell

      How can you move on infrastructure without spending money ? Just getting out of your house will already cost you money😞 the government have a top treasurer , economist who calculates the budget and knows exactly how much money needed to help the economy of this Country.

  • Billy Akin
    Billy Akin


    • Haywired 1112
      Haywired 1112

      Im the mail dummy

  • Albert Jackinson
    Albert Jackinson

    I feel like this is more of an analogy of Fox News or cable, not ABC News, CBS, or NBC. But it's comedy.

  • S1L3NT G4M3R
    S1L3NT G4M3R

    "Perpetual goalpost moving demons..." lol

    • S1L3NT G4M3R
      S1L3NT G4M3R

      @Laura Brown no

    • Laura Brown
      Laura Brown

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  • Nack Jicholson
    Nack Jicholson

    " The filibuster has been around since I entered the Senate 120 years ago. " Joe Biden, Democrat

  • 316SR

    That’s why Obama ran the last leg of his electoral campaign.

  • Oakley Moodie
    Oakley Moodie

    Why does that attractive woman have an Adam's apple?

    • Michael homes
      Michael homes

      She doesnt?!

    • Ash Kebora
      Ash Kebora

      Why does it matter? You already said she's attractive. So it's either a dealbreaker or it's not, and I'm pretty sure she needs a voice box to speak...

  • megdalena01

    I find it really discouraging that as soon as a presidential election is over, all the politicians are thinking about the next one. How about we take care of some stuff so that 2024 has a chance of even existing, alright?

    • Skip Hoffenflaven
      Skip Hoffenflaven

      @Noah S Yep, there is the problem. Too many Americans sit in front of their televisions and watch and consume. When it’s off and they are full (if they are ever full) they are the team captain in the bars, the gym, the gun range, the supermarket, the coffeeshop, the church, etc... And then they return to see what happens on the next episode of the current season of the newest popular show...ugh.

    • Noah S
      Noah S

      @Ash Kebora well fuck that man. i agree with you 1000% but i’m not gonna be like the rest of the people i know and act and think like they can’t do anything about it. we can fucking do it, power to the people. we outnumber them 1000:1 if we want change we can get change. people just need to do it

    • Ash Kebora
      Ash Kebora

      Nahh the news doesn't care. They just want all that easy sensationailst election season money all the time. Fucking vultures.

  • DeusShaggy

    Democrats are for the common man. Republicans are for the conman.

    • DeusShaggy

      @Ash Kebora And that's why your G.reat O.range P.otentate King One Pump Chump gave the BIGLIEST Permanent Tax Cuts in 2017 to the Bigliest Corporations and top 1% huh? The G.O.P. has you hornswaggled buddy. Try looking at something other than your Faux News Entertainment Network and Brite-Fart, they only sever the Alt(ernative)-Right with their Alterative Facts.

    • Ash Kebora
      Ash Kebora

      No, the DNC stands for "Donors, Not Commies" They stand for the common man only as much as your CEO sticks up for the interns.

  • Henry Dawkins
    Henry Dawkins

    Is Steven Colbert on Easter vacation because he wasn't on his app this morning.

    • Cecilia Lamson
      Cecilia Lamson

      I think so

  • Zhen Jiang
    Zhen Jiang

    The eminent closet disappointingly itch because octagon ostensibly inform near a safe taste. damaged, black-and-white sense

    • Creative Designation
      Creative Designation

      I find this new type of spam comment very interesting. I think I will screenshot them and assemble them into poetry.

  • Julia Petersson
    Julia Petersson

    Didn't Stephen have a show yesterday? They haven't uploaded a monologue ://

    • Julia Petersson
      Julia Petersson

      @Daniel Gregory Naww😔

    • Daniel Gregory
      Daniel Gregory

      Unusual day off, it would appear..😞

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat

    "Perpetually goalpost moving demons" 🤣

  • dchegu

    Just realized,these are spiritual successor to the colbert report.

    • Joe Ortenzi
      Joe Ortenzi

      Actual successors. Colbert is the producer.

    • Envyy

      Where is Colbert?

    • AnimefortheLazyman


    • Kathryn mickelson
      Kathryn mickelson

      Cartoon Colbert👍

    • moismyname


  • Crystal

    He is testing the kids listen when he talks

  • Martin Earl
    Martin Earl

    fuck he's ill..........

  • BlueBaron3339

    Shatner just turned 90 and you don't hear the bladder and Metamuscil jokes about him. Great hairpiece and hidden plugs I reckon...and much better cosmetic surgeons on the west coast. Plus...well...he's Shatner.

  • Neal Smith
    Neal Smith

    Damn why does this shit remind me of "fox news"??

  • frbe0101

    Wait 51 is not a prime number... holy crap it is 3*17, wow learned something new today.

    • Xapheus

      @Brian Holmes If the sum of a number's digits are divisible by 3, it says more than being not prime: the number itself is also divisible by 3.

    • Michael homes
      Michael homes

      @Brian Holmes 🤯

    • Brian Holmes
      Brian Holmes

      Another trick, other than the number 3 if any number or *sum of the digits in a number* are divisible by 3 it isn't prime.



  • John D Wayne
    John D Wayne

    People who voted Biden are brainwashed.