Virtue Signal rocked by Matt Gaetz scandal
Virtue Signal discusses the Matt Gaetz scandal, marijuana legislation, and more with the New York Times' Kara Swisher. Plus, Kylie writes her own COVID vaccine PSA song.
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Clip air date 4/1/2021

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  • Heidi Melcarek
    Heidi Melcarek

    It's a good point. Why do we even have a government? It was s'posed to protect our rights. Instead all it's done is infringe them while the individual politicians lined their own pockets.

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival

    Oh, I just got that. "Draconian Malfoynian."

  • Donna Snyder
    Donna Snyder

    Captions, please

  • Jaan Torv
    Jaan Torv

    If you think you're above the law join the GOP. You'll feel right at home.

  • ShaunieBNaturalista

    Silicon Valley isn't here to solve all your problems. It's here to create them, really. Yep.

  • Nora Flaherty
    Nora Flaherty

    I really want to hang out with the writers for TOTN

  • Anna LA
    Anna LA

    "Draconian Malfoynian" 😂😂🤣

  • jacob kobald
    jacob kobald

    So Stephen isn't progressive but tooning out and seth Meyers is and maybe Trevor Noah...? We're slowly winnig

  • Chancer02

    Is Donald Trump involved in all of this? Was this young girl also on Airforce one when Gaetz took those selfies?

  • k31than

    @4:27 Boycotting (or at least the threat of it) get corporations to get government to get things done.

  • Fearsome Warrior
    Fearsome Warrior

    I like that this is a satire but this is basically how Fox News is presented. Their hosts are idiots who say ignorant or intolerant things constantly. These fun animated hosts say stupid stuff but it all still keeps them more human and compassionate than Fox hosts. Wow.

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark

    Corporate pressure didn’t stop NC from doing anything. It led after the fact to a partial repeal of a terrible law which still ended up as discriminatory- including to veterans as a class. Two steps forward and only a half-step back for the original heinous intent.

  • Genvieve Krajcik
    Genvieve Krajcik

    The jagged pressure acutely fill because interest neuropathologically plan times a slow limit. thundering, available airplane

  • john panos
    john panos

    the last comments were out of the italian history during the '30's. mussolini disbanded the national assembly and formed the council of corporations. america's time is running out.

  • kilroy987

    The Gaetz scandal seems like just some invented thing that some news channels are perfectly willing to get in on - for what purpose? Erosion of the mentality of the watchers, of course. But if I don't watch it, that doesn't stop someone else from doing so - does that feed into my psyche? It used to. Frankly, you just have to be responsible or yourself. And if you care about how others are getting sucked in, do something worthwhile about it, even if it means just posting something for others to read. Just don't get drawn in by the 'drama' they say they've successfully created. They aren't that important, even if they're good at occupying the space you want somehow.

  • Mark Czmyrid
    Mark Czmyrid

    And the crowd starts saying mad mad at the stadium crowd Maddy Maddy Maddy Maddy Maddy you know this guy here's a guy this guy he's a daddy's boy his daddy helped him get the job you know Daddy Maddie he's also the equivalent of a poster child for the 45th president Maddie Maddie they should do commercial like that you know all the poster children like the equivalent of the poster children hey hey Colbert show Late Show why don't you guys put the got together all the other post your children Maddie Maddie they're all a bunch of theirs poster children at all would like all these Republicans Or democrats as well but these post your kids and women are the equivalent of the poster children Maddie baddie

  • Rychy St. Vincent
    Rychy St. Vincent

    MATT, MATT, MATT! People don’t toss around a $25 million extortion figure if they don’t have SOMETHING OF VALUE. Watch, as soon as he's charged the crack in the floor will widen and females with stories will flow out.

  • Rychy St. Vincent
    Rychy St. Vincent

    In a non-scientific experiment I threw 10 baby ducks, 10 foxes, ten rattle snakes, 10 rats and 10 possums into a more than tepid pool of water. After their dunk and orientation, they emerged from the pool and gathered among their likes. I intend to show this to Matt Gatez how curious it is that snakes, rats, possums and others huddle when escaping hot water.

  • Mireille Lebeau
    Mireille Lebeau

    As a racist anti-democratic anti-voting Republican and pro-fascist person let me ask you, what is wrong with the voting law in Georgia?

  • Andrew Baumann
    Andrew Baumann

    Did they really just criticize the fact that Derek Chauvin has an attorney who is pleading his case, as if they don't just want Chauvin in prison, but for the entire judicial system to collapse?

  • Mott Hoople
    Mott Hoople

    "If you're high you might not notice the incessant groping". BWAHAHAHAHA, I'm done

  • Flip the Twisted Dragon
    Flip the Twisted Dragon

    I hate my name.

  • Patrick N. Booker
    Patrick N. Booker

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  • jmorrow6406

    Wtf is this?

  • Jiejie Gigi
    Jiejie Gigi

    It is sad that people can't live life without being in an altered state of mind aka "high". This is life, deal with it like an adult!

  • Lenice Y Dixon
    Lenice Y Dixon


  • jshowa o
    jshowa o

    Apparently, "getting mad" is now a character flaw.

  • archstanton live
    archstanton live

    "There are so many twists and turns in this story I cannot express to you how little I have thought about the victims here." Well put.

  • BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!
    BottleAire New! 1/2 Vaxxed!

    Poor Nestor. It's hard for a 42yo adoptee to lose a father twice. Look at Don Jr.

  • Nack Jicholson
    Nack Jicholson

    If your political views line up with social media, mainstream media news, Wallstreet, corporate America and celebrity establishment shills, you are not part of the resistance, you are part of the empire.

  • Joshua Fass
    Joshua Fass

    Cooperations run America. Capitalism wins y'all!

  • Michael Parks
    Michael Parks

    Ab fab! 👏👏👏👏

  • Denis Daly
    Denis Daly

    Where is Qanon when you need them?

  • Bro' Joe
    Bro' Joe

    Just more Russian disinformation. Like Hunter's laptop. And where's that Trump pee tape, btw? Libs love to think about all sorts of nasty sexual fantasies.

  • Name Here
    Name Here

    Should we not get angry when we watch a human get murdered?

  • donnie darko
    donnie darko

    Hit the nail on the head. This comment was brought to you by National Nails, celebrating over 50 years as a distributor of high-quality, innovative product and service. oh yeah.

  • Gregor Coetzee
    Gregor Coetzee


  • DoraDuncan

    Corporations protect us? Please tell me that was SARCASM!

  • Brian C
    Brian C

    "If you're high, you might not notice the incessant groping." - EXCELLENT BURN ON COUMO! Maybe if Trump had legalized marijuana then we would have been too high to notice all the shit he pulled as President and he would have cruised to re-election...

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson

    This segment was just brilliant!!!

  • raph

    Cut out the middleman politicians and talk to corporations directly. Because they actually get shit down. OMG there is a lot of truth to that lmao!

  • raph

    Did they people who write for Archer part of this show?

  • Jetsam Peres
    Jetsam Peres

    Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Gaetz''s girlfriend was 17. Gaetz is close to Trump as they insist Q must be. Gaetz is Q. Q accusing Dems of Pizzagate while its really Gaetzgate.

  • Rick Kimball
    Rick Kimball

    Can’t understand the red head, talks to fast and to high voice.

  • Lone Skankster
    Lone Skankster

    Republicans and Projection Name a more iconic duo

  • wily wascal
    wily wascal

    Matt Gaetz hates: wearing a condom more than wearing a mask! His fetish for spreading communicable diseases explains why he's been reduced to "dating" women remotely online at porn sites.

    • Lone Skankster
      Lone Skankster

      Doesnt explain the childrens lives hes ruined

  • Sam Wlodawski
    Sam Wlodawski

    Such a draconian malfoynian law. Durn tootin

  • L S
    L S

    The word of God states that: for whatsoever a man sow that shall he also reap.

  • Denmark Millikan
    Denmark Millikan

    The plant cross jointly slap because hand respectively tempt aboard a sophisticated gun. rural, upset cobweb

  • williamgeorgefraser

    You can only extort someone who is guilty. All he had to say was "if you have proof, put it out there."

  • Bobby Shmurda's Hat
    Bobby Shmurda's Hat

    This looks like Archer and it's tripping me out

  • Valerie Stone
    Valerie Stone

    I do not like these Toons.

  • Maribel Caudillo
    Maribel Caudillo

    his nestor "adopted son" case sounds very suspicious to me! hum!

  • Naomi Eden
    Naomi Eden

    Gaetz is trash and I'm so curious if that voice is on purpose or not? It's so hard to take her seriously 😂

  • George Clowney
    George Clowney

    Please stop insulting car salesmen.

  • Noises

    pizza gaetz?

  • Kelly Moses
    Kelly Moses

    Why hasn't Bryan Singer been arrested yet?

  • alberto montoya
    alberto montoya


  • joh yuujin
    joh yuujin

    he's going to make a great Prison Bride!!

  • PickmePls9000

    Kara Swisher is cool

  • ML R
    ML R

    Would have liked more of Kara Swisher in this bit, who played along so nicely.

  • james eaton
    james eaton

    Wow Joe passed border to Kamal and Kamal said pass. We are better no one running county now

  • Johnny Park
    Johnny Park

    Gaetz looks like a sleazy version of Johnny Knoxville

  • Vicki Taylor
    Vicki Taylor

    Republicans in Georgia have absolutely haterated election access... passing a *Draconian Malfoynian* voting law that disenfranchises black voters! 😂🤣😂😅

  • Douglas Johnson
    Douglas Johnson

    Oh Stephen, you are just over the top. Great job, as always.

  • 1hotgirl37

    Qualified Immunity is a privilege not a right. Due to the excessive force shown by police around the globe, they’ve lost that privilege and clearly can’t be trusted. Let’s face it folks there’s more BAD APPLES then good. WE must deal with this now. If you’re doing your job and following the rules what is the problem? We got your back until proven otherwise. Your killing America’s with no regard to the laws your set to protect. Qualified Immunity should not apply in these types of cases. Police are killing Black and Brown American’s then go home and eat dinner with their families. As soon as a story hits the news the Police shot someone, the person shot is immediately dissected. What was that Police officer doing when they were ten, sixteen, or eighteen? Have you noticed police’s previous accommodation are heard over, over again while records of excessive force are private, but our history is not? if a suspected criminal attack you and deadly force is needed, than take them down. if a suspected criminal is no longer a threat to anyone and deadly force is still used Qualified Immunity should not apply ever. if a suspected criminal is killed by the aggressive actions from a police officer that officer is now the criminal. You do not get to collect $200 dollar, take your urdering ass to JAIL, you defectively can’t pass GO! Derek Chauvin should fry.

  • Darren Pearn
    Darren Pearn

    Yeah that was funny. I don't understand this BS. And people call this crap funny and or entertaining. Weirdos

  • Pat's Amazing Blends
    Pat's Amazing Blends

    Ouch. That lapdog Jeremy comment. I love you

  • Laura Campisi
    Laura Campisi

    This might be the best Tooning Out the News episode yet

  • Deepak Vaid
    Deepak Vaid

    This show is America's greatest gift to the world so far

  • Iam Good
    Iam Good

    Hair test Gaetz for illegal substances! The people demand accountability now!!!

  • Dark Starr
    Dark Starr


  • Jay Flack
    Jay Flack

    Ohhh, Late show... ColBERT has been fawning over big-Cuomo for the last year or so,

  • Pisstof Tranzwuman
    Pisstof Tranzwuman

    Funniest thing is that the window in the background looks exactly like the studio is at Jane's Carousel.

  • Jose Lozada
    Jose Lozada


  • Jim Perich-Anderson
    Jim Perich-Anderson

    This could be Gaetz' next conference:

  • Stair force one Big guy
    Stair force one Big guy

    They have proof on Cuomo and won't tske this stance! The media is running with accusations. It's another Trump smear campaign in retaliation for the Cuomo scandal

  • Layne

    "Draconian Malfoynian" yeah, I'm stealing that

  • 1Juemadre

    Thank goodness for fast forward. That voice is irritating. All in all not funny. Last one I’ll watch.

  • Dan Vaught
    Dan Vaught

    Please do a cartoon on Hunter.

  • Beck V
    Beck V

    Personally I do not feel bad for Carlson, not one iota! He can accompany Gaetz in prison, for all I care.

  • Henry Gvidonas
    Henry Gvidonas

    Fun fact: Matt Gaetz' father's name is Donald J. Gaetz. I'm not kidding. And, of course, he was involved in the biggest Medicare fraud scheme in American history. Because of course he was! And, of course, he got off with a "confidential settlement" AKA buying a "get out of jail" card. Because of course he did.

  • chimps4gimps

    4:30 exactly 😅

  • Saragon Mackeneny
    Saragon Mackeneny

    Gaetz should be removed from his committee work especially DOJ related one

  • Jide Ajibola
    Jide Ajibola

    C They definitely ame correct with receipts.

  • Kim

    I hoping for more airtime for Kara. She is also a very funny social critic.

  • justmemadison

    The fact that the "guest" suggested that people who get high don't know when they are being physically violated is obscene. Truly disgusting.

  • Professor Dogwood
    Professor Dogwood

    Ok, I know Corporate America is protesting Georgia's voting laws because it's good for their bottom line but all I have to say is: So What? Just because a good action came from questionable motives doesn't make the action any worse. In all honesty, this is America and the most American thing is now happening; it's no longer profitable to be racist. Essentially less government means a less racist government, America can eat its cake too.

  • Jesse Jia
    Jesse Jia


  • Gramps

    Never mind the Virtue Signal how about some captions for the oppressed deaf and hard of hearing viewers....any sort of signaling would do, what about a sign language cartoon character...nah too hard, makes captions look too easy. Enable the captions!!!

  • Philip Spencer
    Philip Spencer

    Someone must save the private prison investors! These guys be pimpin

  • Ayo Banjo
    Ayo Banjo

    why is this show so accurate and funny😂

  • Jonathan Bearden
    Jonathan Bearden

    Normally I like Colbert but the writing had tumbled fast than a fat fuck eating "Dunkin'" Bad publication. It will be archived forever unfortunately 😔

    • Jonathan Bearden
      Jonathan Bearden

      Love ya "Steve" but I wouldn't even sign off on this. Some dirty stuff your discussing.

  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli

    Nothing more fun than watching jerk face’s world crumble into bits.

  • Esther Piry
    Esther Piry

    Dtrump maybe will hire him?!

  • Frank Oddo
    Frank Oddo

    Matt knows how to rock that Jack Lord hair-do, doesn't he?

    • Judith Jerde
      Judith Jerde

      Yeah.. rockin it like a boss! But, those creepy eyebrows gotta go!😼

  • Lee Harding
    Lee Harding

    Good stuff

  • shanefanon

    QAnon ratted Matt out. Not the fake news ... not the liberal press ... not the left wing ... oh no ...It is the QAnon folk who are claiming this .

  • WhiteonBlack

    The webcam joke was a little rough.

  • eJacob Cornelius
    eJacob Cornelius

    Such a great take by Kara: "Silicon Valley is not here to solve your problems, it's here to create them, really."